Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ghost Town

Hi Friends. I was going to post you an outfit today, but thought I would change it up a bit this week since I never usually post anything on Wednesdays. So, tomorrow I have an outfit for you, but today I have a song. 

I am in love with this song, as well as this video. I think that music is so cohesive to someone's all around personal style, and this video touches on almost all elements of what my day to day dreams are made up of. White vintage dresses adorned with lace, prodigious forests with tall trees, open fields with wild, tawny wheat, bleached out sun. Long wispy hair, braids & hand holding. Perhaps not the creepy masks.

"And I remember how you told me all that you wanted to do. The dream of Paris in the morning or a New York window view. And I can see it, now you're married and your wife is with a child, and, you're all laughing in the garden and I'm lost somewhere in your mind." 

It is really kind of hard to believe that these two aren't even twenty years old. Enjoy and Happy Tuesday.


TrophyBoutique said...

I love that cover they do of the Fleet Foxes song, where they are sitting in the woods. So wonderful.

Unknown said...

they're soo young, but so talented! i also love their fleet foxes cover, just like trophyboutique.

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