Friday, January 28, 2011

Rewind - Trinket

Hello! I can't believe it is Friday. This week whizzed by like a heartbeat, and I didn't even get to do half the things I wanted to - on the blog, at work, or in life. Sigh. I suppose there is always next week. Here is a rewind for today, which is from the Fall, at the very end of September. I loved this blouse the moment I saw it. Monochromatic, plaid, and featuring an oversized cowl neck - how could I refuse? I couldn't help but incorporate my military jacking with everything during the crisp transitioning days, and though it is hard to see in the morning light of these photos, I'm wearing a perfectly adorable pin made of charms. I cannot remember where I found it, but I'm always scrounging up trinkets one way or another.

(Jacket: SWS Outerwear, Blouse: FCUK, Pants: RW & Co., Pin: Thrifted)

And here, as a very special present, is a photo of my last pair of black flats (read: before Winter's death grip took over our fair country), which were dangling upon death far too long before I threw them away. I treat my feet wisely most days, but can't understand why I wear black flats until they are worn down bare, full of holes, and ripping apart from the sole. Not my finest of traits. I wanted to share in order to a) be real & b) find out if this is something that other girls do? Spring resolution: treat black flats as you would a broken anything else. Happy Friday, my loves.  


Unknown said...

Oooh, i totally have flats where I've worn out the bottoms (i.e. holes). I have a hard time parting with things :)

LOVE that jacket. Have a great weekend! xx

Isabel said...

love those flats and the blouse :)

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

TrophyBoutique said...

I'm pretty sure I've worn my black flats to death because I find them necessary, but too boring to shop for. I go shopping for black flats and come back with something with a wedge, in an impossibly bright color, and in some stupid material like velvet.

Rachel said...

It's a great jacket! I love the military-feel. :D

Louise said...

Love that anorak with the edgy gingham! You look just lovely.

Kara said...

hahaha, i treat my flats just the same lady! I honestly will wear them everywhere- including to work- and then wake up one day and realize how disgusting and inappropriate they look. Flats need respect too!

You look stunning in this green and a lovely blouse to compliment it!

Happy weekend Kristin!! :)


Nnenna said...

Oh yes, I do the same thing with my black flats! My favorite pair of black flats are from Target and when I finally decided they had to go, I just bought a new pair of the same ones! haha :)

Rebecca Jane said...

I love the blouse! And yes, I definitely wear my pairs of black flats till they are practically disintegrating. I never do that with other shoes, I really don't know why I allow it with my flats, but that is how it is..

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