Friday, February 4, 2011

Rewind - Doll Face

Is it Friday already? My goodness - where did this week go to? I couldn't believe it when I sat down and realized that it was already time for my rewind post this week, and boy am I glad I had something waiting in the reigns. Here we have business as usual: another day, another hair bow. I'm sort of in love with hair bow, if you couldn't already tell, and this one was a beauty. I use the term "was" purposely, as this little gem somehow found its way to the bermuda triangle and never returned. I miss you, white hair bow. 

I spotted this dress on a trip to Urban Outfitters and found myself pining away for it two days after I'd left it in the dressing room (always the best indication that a clothing item must be yours!). I was in love with the sailor neckline and the beautifully muted blue. I went back to find it ma rked below half price. 

I have a wonderful little weekend lined up which includes a day trip to visit Kate on Saturday in order to check out her new digs. I also plan on buying myself a fashion treat, consuming some carbonated beverages, and getting some outfit photos done (+1 celcius forecasted for this weekend - rejoice! tropics!). I hope that everyone has a rapturous moment or two these few days, and thank you so much for your reading. 

(Dress: Urban Outfitters, Hairbow: Boutique Olivia)


james said...

in LOVE with this dress

Rachel said...

Wow, you and that dress were meant to be then! Too bad about the bow! :o

Kate said...

I love this dress! But I love visits even more!! Can't wait! xo.

Anonymous said...

sexy thighs~!

diet coke and doughnuts here we come.

Kara said...

The dress! The bow!! A-DORABLE!! You have such an awesome classic style lady and you and Kate are definitely a huge inspiration to me trying to wear more dresses!

Have an amazing weekend and yay for +1!!! lol soon we'll be complaining about 30 degrees but in the meantime we celebrate the small victories! ;)


Amber Schmidt said...

I swear, you are just so gorgeous! And I love this dress on you; I love when you pine away for something and it goes on sale, though unfortunately, it's usually the other way around!

Louise (Fifth Sparrow) said...

This dress is adorable! And I love the bow- you wear it so well, I always end up looking... off, or something! But really, I would love to steal this dress from you, the print and colour are gorgeous! xx

Anonymous said...

This dress is in an adorable colour and the whole outfit whispers softly of spring....fresh leaves and longer, warmer days.

I can't believe my eyes and am very envious that you can manage it even for 5 minutes to stay outside with no sweater and no stockings. :) Bravo.

Thanks for the retweet about Kate's post today. I just added you on twitter.

Look forward to hearing from you


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