Friday, July 8, 2011

Love Chronicles

I had the most wonderful visit from Candice of Brilliant Sugar last weekend. We've been best pals for oh, almost 15 years, and our time together is never anything short of wonderful. We went to the farmer's market, caffeinated with some double lattes, roamed downtown in the sun, grabbing some brunch, and then went to a few boutiques. We finished off our date by making mojitos and catching up (a.k.a talking at warp speed for hours about anything & everything). Sometimes you just need a weekend with your best girl. Happy weekend!

Latte with a coincidental foam heart?



We are from the east coast, yes?


Brunching beauty.

Thrifting at reNeue Boutique.

Mojitos on a summer evening (p.s. these were pretty gross, unfortunately).


Kate said...

Those berries look deeeeelicious! I might have to go get some today! Mmm.

candice said...

Ah, my heart! You are seriously the best. Why was this weekend so epic. I still have a million more photos to post. SMOOCH!

So Yeah So said...

I have yet to make it to the farmers market this year. But the weather was so cool I know that what I'm looking for, tomatoes, won't be there yet. I do have a definite date with my friend tomorrow. We've been saying for weeks we're going to go.

The Fashion Philosophy said...

Yum, mojitos!! These fotos are seriously cute and it looks like you had so much fun!! Love it!

-davie+erica [WEBSITE] [BLOG]

Nnenna said...

There are few things better than spending time with a best friend! Lovely pictures and glad to hear you had a good weekend :)

star-crossed smile

Kate said...

I've never been to reNeue Boutique before! I must check it out sometime!! what street is it on??

Kristin said...

Hi Kate!

It is in the tannery off of both Queen and King Street. It is directly beside Dolan's Pub!

Happy shopping!


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