Friday, August 26, 2011

Love Chronicles

So, I'm feeling kind of guilty here, as I've pretty much abandoned the summer in anticipation for the fall. Really, I adore summer. The warm evenings & opportunity to always wear a dress, the beautiful wild flowers & outdoor eating. The patio drinking & drives with the windows down. Oh, and the ice cream. Fair be it, though, I'm starting to move forward & set my sights on autumn (which is actually my very favorite season). This said, for today, I picked photos that both reminded me of summer and geared me up for fall. Enjoy your weekend. xxx.

Always loving beautiful fields.

Layering fall colors.

Photobooths ranging from 2000 to 2006. I may be killed for posting these...

Do you recognize anyone...? ;)

Scalloped potatoes.

Before they are gone.

 From last autumn.

A hearty spinach salad with DIY cinnamon roasted almonds & homemade maple dressing.

Thinking of reverting to a darker, richer color. What do you guys think?


Kate said...

Bahahaha! The photobooth photos! You would never guess there are 3 would-be style bloggers in there! ;)

candice said...

OMG the photobooth pix. *Hiding* Also, that spinach salad looks delicious, and so do the potatoes!

This Charming Style said...

I love autumn too, it's the best! Great photos :) And I think your hair would look lovely darker xx

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