Friday, October 28, 2011

D.I.Y - Fall Centrepiece

I'm really not a D.I.Y kind of girl. I'm also not really a very domestic type of girl. I'm more of a work14hoursandthenshoveandgranolabarinyourfacetoavoidstarvation kind of girl. Lately, though, I have had some more time on my paws, which I have been using to try and better my home, my friends & family, and myself. Who knew that cooking, baking, and diy-ing could be so therapeutic? Dare I say.. relaxing? This was a simple little piece that my mom and I put together on Thanksgiving weekend in order to spice up the table. Easy and fun, this was a perfectly festive centre piece made entirely of flowers from our garden. I figured that since my American friends have yet to celebrate Thanksgiving that you may want to try this out too!

Enjoy your weekend!

Choose your utensils & make a hole in the pumpkin's top, cutting off its stem.

Gut your pumpkin and fill it with water.

Gather your flowers picking different colors, lengths, and textures.

Arrange your flowers inside the pumpkin.

Place on your table as a centrepiece! (Now drink some wine & eat your weight in potatoes)


Julia Hurst said...

I love love love this centerpiece. Definitely re-creating next year!

Justyna said...

so pretty and creative!

brynn said...

What a great idea. Looks beautiful!

candice said...

Simple & so pretty! I love the way it looks all dressed up, & I love that you grabbed all sorts of different shaped/sized flowers - it gives it so much more character! I have to admit, I've become super into things like centrepieces over the last year. I could talk about it all day. XO!

Chelsea said...

So pretty! Look at you being all domestic and creative! :)

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