Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blunder (Outtakes & Excerpts)

So, I really love blooper posts. They are seriously so hilarious (a favourite is here by Jen), and when it comes down to it, style blogs are actually kind of weird. Fashion blogging can be seemingly narcissistic, and hey, maybe it is - who am I to say! When you analyze the fact that you spend time standing in front of a camera, every other day, in your outfit, in the street, trying to look natural but cute, and then share the results for the world to see & judge, you can sometimes feel sort of strange. That said, I love fashion blogs, and I don't care if people think that it's weird, and that's because I don't really take myself too seriously. Here is some proof.

Lighting test. I, as a human, would never actually give you the peace sign. 

Is that a smile or a grimace? Who's to say!

What's a blog?

Random street kitty photo bombs. I actually edited out "parts" of his back side. You're welcome.

What's that? My pants are covered in white stains? (Fret not, it's definitely toothpaste or something) Photoshop fix!

Maybe the pièce de résistance, since I am like, nodding off into a coma.

Why would this face even happen in life? WHAT causes this face?

I hope that you enjoyed a sneak peek into my "delete forever" folder & that you have a wonderful day.

x, Kristin


RoselyC said...

Lol, love the pictures. I know what you mean about fashion blogging being weird. I have done about two outfit posts on my blog (not a fashion blogger just trying it out) and its weird to stand before the camera. I dont know how to act naturally while someone is trying to take a picture-Im weird like that- But like you I love fashion blogs they are fun and a great inspiration for outfits.

JennaStevie said...

I absolutely LOVE blogger bloopers and outtakes. I tend to make really grumpy faces when I do my self timer but when I have a photographer I spend half the time dancing or making ridiculous faces just to make them laugh
I really enjoyed this post!! That first photo is s
really cute

Rebecca Jane said...

Haha this is the cutest post. I always chuckle over bloopers - any time I take outfit photos (alone, with a tripod) I always end up with more than a few, usually of me running around.

Jenny said...

Ha ha ha, you look so adorable in all of these photos!! LOVE this post! I agree, fashion blogging is really weird, and I sometimes feel so silly. I think it's really important to not take ourselves so seriously!

xo Jenny

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