Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mod Moment

Dresss: Vintage / Turtleneck: Joe Fresh / Tights: Unknown / Boots: Le Chateau / Necklace: Thrifted / Lips: Revlon "Siren"

Just taking a quick moment to share an orange shift dress & some textured tights from a super chilly day. Fact: It was way, way too cold for these and they will not see the light of day again unless layered over a thick black pair. No. way. hose. I last wore this dress here, but pulled it out again when Style Panel asked us to dress up textured/patterned tights. I wanted something semi conservative, considering that these are fishnets, so also wore a high boot in order to offset the amount of leg exposure that was going on. In retrospect, I should have paired these with a sky high black pump or my orange maryjane wedges in order to elongate myself more, but I guess that you live & you learn. C'est la vie.


JennaStevie said...

I love the layering, always a great idea to have a sweater under a dress. This orange colour is so pretty and looks great with the textured tights

Crazy Style Love said...

Gorgeous! I love the high boots with the patterned tights and short mini. I can't believe those are from Le Chateau. . . I love them!

xo Jenny

Siena in Style said...

love your look!!the tights are great:)
kisses from milano

Jen said...

You did a beautiful job of dressing up fishnets, Kristin... it's hard to make them look chic but the mod layering you did is gorgeous. p.s. I've been loving your photos even more than usual lately... the cool tone is so lovely against the reds!

Hope you're doing well!

myedit said...

I like the boots with it! And I like your hose joke. Well played.

Rebecca Jane said...

Loving this outfit. I like how you've offset the sometimes iffy fishnet with high boots = goodness. And the dress is fabulous too!

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