Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Dress: c/o Gap / Shoes: Le Chateau / Bracelets: H&M + Urban Outfitters / Sunnies: reNeu Boutique / Blazer: Thrifted / Bag: Michael Kors Hamilton
I have to be honest... at first, I was convinced that this dress didn't work on me. I have a pretty short torso, and because of that, there seemed to be a little bit of extra material on the top half that puffed out a bit. But I loved it. I loved this dress. I loved the darling little collar, the double layered bottom, the bright color (it photographs sort of yellow but I can promise you it is n.e.o.n.), and most practically, the grab & go simplicity. After a little while, I found myself picking this dress out of my closet (or, a pile of clothes, if we are being honest) over & over, and started to feel like it did work after all. I always feel happy & comfortable when wearing it, but it's fun enough to not feel boring. A huge thank you to Gap who sent it along to me (with some other pieces I will be styling, too!) - a bright little piece such as this can cheer up many kinds of days.
Sidenote: I get more comments on this phone case than, really, anything else in the world. It's a conversation starter to say the least, a conversation that usually starts with, "Is that really your phone case?". Yes that is a bunny iPhone case. Yes I am in my very late twenties. Yes I have a grown up job to which I wear a blazer & things.
Have a great day.


Kassandra said...

that dress is so awesome! You can never go wrong with neon! haha and that phone case is pretty awesome too :)
Have a wonderful day!
<3 Kastles

Melanie Liliana said...

That dress looks great on you!! and love your phone case! haha


JennaStevie said...

This dress is ammmazing, so neon and perfect. Such an easy piece to dress up or down. And i love that iphone case, mine is basically my dog, it has ears too

Unknown said...

I love love love that dress on you. I also love neon. And bunnies :) So I pretty much love this whole post!! Beauty!

myedit said...

Girl, you work that dress! LOOOOOve it!

Jen said...

Sometimes I seriously can't believe you're a "small town" girl Kristin... your style is too good! This dress does look tricky but you definitely pulled it off well and accessorized it beautifully with the black & gold touches!

Hope you're having a great week lovely!

Unknown said...

I love this dress on you, and I think it can be styled quite a few different ways if you put your mind to it! Good find!

Rebecca Jane said...

It totally does - work, that is. I love the colour! It's so intensely bright, I feel like it's a perfect summer dress.

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