Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Muse

Hey all. This outfit is kind of funny. I have had this tawny little hat for quite some time now, and thought it would suite the Winter just fine. I mostly bought it for the little attached pin it was adorned with since I'm endeared by anything ornate, gold, and kinda quirky. Just tonight I picked up some thick gold beads, a new hair bow, and a small pin made of cat eye glasses - a signature I love. What are some of your "signatures"?

I have to be real with you: I pretty much hate Winter. I have spent all of my Winters dreading, whining, and screeching my way through until that bountiful smell of spring hits my nose. I decided that, this year, I was going to make a change. I was going to like winter. I was going to make small steps towards dealing with the inevitable fact that where I live, there is no way around -20 temps. I invested in thick knits, added a down filled parka to the equation, bought mohair socks, and purchased the best snow scraper known to man (though I lost it..). I have been rolling with the season, so to speak, but still, I'm waiting for the thaw.

(Jacket: Rw & Co., Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Boots: Zara, Hat: Vintage)


Kate said...

I'm warmer than I've ever been any other in winter in my parka, fleece tights & thinsulate water proof mitts, but it honestly doesn't make me hate winter any less! I'm glad I'm not freezing, but I'm absolutely aching for spring this week! But annnnyway, I adore the 2nd to last photo of you!

The Semi Sweet said...

I tip my hat to you for enduring those kinds of temperatures. I bet it's lovely in the summer time though! Where I live in Virginia the winters are liveable but the summers are disgusting! I'm dreading it terribly!

Oh and I absolutely love the hat! The color is so pretty and that is such a cute pin too.

Lynzy said...

Eeee your hat is too cute!!

xo Lynzy

Rachel said...

I don't like winter...after Christmas and my birthday have passed, of course. :D
Great coat, I love all the buttons!

TrophyBoutique said...

Winter blows.
I love the cut of that jacket though! So flattering!

Amber Schmidt said...

I am in complete agreeance with you. Winter just isn't my thing. This winter, I stocked up on tights and jackets and was determined to make it work but was greeted, however, with the heaviest snow in years--- in Tennessee of all places!

I, too, adore the hats with pinned on adornments and cateye glasses. My "signature look" is thick eyeliner (top) with a bold lip and a neutral dress. Big fun, big fun.

Stay lovely!

Laura said...

I agree, I know i shouldnt complain bc I live in california, but I'm getting tired of the chill. can't wait for spring to get here!

this is such a cute outfit! your hat is adorable!


jEm said...

I love the asymmetrical buttons on your coat and that hat is so sweet! Embrace the winter, it isn't going away anytime soon. Although today was only -2 in Toronto and felt 'warm' compared to the usual -20.


Kara said...

Aw, this hat is adorable! Something tells me that no one could pull it off quite as well as you with you classic hair and makeup! Love the jacket also! Very chic!
Shout out to hating Canadian winters lol. Every year I am surprised I make it through. Literally it was -30 this past weekend. And I don't know how you guys do it in the East. How do non-Canadians survive? Solidarity, sister!


Nnenna said...

I like your attitude toward winter! I wish I could join you, but I think I'm just going to move back to a place where winter is warm :)

Rebecca Jane said...

I love your little hat! It is so cute, and the gold detail is lovely. I have to say that I do for themost part enjoy winter - I just invest in lots of coats and good, warm boots.

Milly said...

amazing outfit!

Loving your blog, I'm following!

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