Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Blouse: Theory / Dress & Necklace: H&M / Jacket: U.P. / Tights: Hue / Rainboots: Joe Fresh

This past Saturday called for a heck of a lot of rain (as well as a heck of a lot of coffee - I woke up at 7 am on a non work day - why is this now happening? #old). I've come to realize that I enjoy wearing dresses on these downpour days so that the bottoms of my pants don't have a chance to drag in a puddle, but I keep warm by layering a few pieces together. Case in point. I love this blouse so hard, and it never fails to provide me with the preppy pop that I'm craving. Secure hair into a tight updo in order to combat frizz (and half fail on this humid day - look at those flyaways!), top things off with a super red lip, and I'm ready for a day of wandering.

How do you dress for the rain? And just because: Check out how this girl pulls off a rainy day look. Holy toledo.

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Short Presents said...

I love everything about this look, and I'm totally with you on wearing a dress! There's something about wearing a dress on a dull day that pulls you out of your slump and into a better place :)

Love this jacket :)

Angela Marie said...

I love this dress and the way you put the top under. I really need to try that because you look amazing in it! I like wearing leggings when it rains because they dry pretty fast :)
You look beautiful!

Angela @ the Lovely Cup

Unknown said...

Your cute... and love that gingham!

Julia Hurst said...

Love Love Love that double collar!

LAPT said...

I know this sounds TOTALLY creepy, but I love your style and have a very similar body shape (5'2" and athletic legs from figure skating at a young age and now marathoning). I was wondering if you'd ever be willing to let us know what sizes you wear at different stores (like H&M, etc) or link to an item if you recently purchased it. I tend to mostly shop online bc, and stuff like that helps me figure out if I should order it or not! Love your pattern mixing!!

Rebecca Jane said...

There's nothing worse than wet pant-leg bottoms from dragging in puddles! I try to always wear either a dress or if not boots on rainy wet days.

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