Monday, October 1, 2012

Returns / To-Dos

Sweater: Joe Fresh / Skirt: Vintage / Watch: Guess / Sunnies & Earrings: Thrifted

For me, the arrival of Fall comes with a few guaranteed returns: tights, cozy sweaters, red wine, searing hot coffee, trench coats & bombers, soup, a haircut, potlucks, ankle booties, and last but not least, brutally intense nostalgia (what's with this?). I think I've got the cozy sweater collection taken care of for the season, since I've been adding them in by bits over the past month or 2 - this one included. This sweater felt so simplistic, so speak for itself, so quirky, and so warm, that I picked it up weeks and weeks before it'd be appropriate to wear. It's so thick that there has only been one day crisp enough for it to make sense. And here is that day.

If you follow me on instagram (username: dollparade), you'd have seen that I decided to make a Fall "to-do" list outfitted with items that are both outstanding in my life and seemingly fun on an extra curriculum level. I decided that sharing with you here will make me more accountable, seeing that I can blog some of these things, so let's see how this goes. 

Fall To Do

1: Visit an apple orchard.
2: Bake my 1st pie from scratch (using above apples).
3: Attend/host a Fall potluck.
4: Read 3 books.
5: Have a movie night (outfitted with homemade kettle corn).
6: Host a closet sale (more to come!).
7: Catch up on all photo editing (and I mean all).
8: DIY pumpkins for the home.
9: Try 3 new soup recipes (this is the 1st on my list).
10: Layer awesomely.
11: Join yoga.
12: Go for more walks & hikes (i.e. spend time outside before it's unbearable).
13: "Spring" clean my home before Winter.
14: Get a haircut (oh hi, it's been since last NOVEMBER).
15: Clean out my car (and realize the trunk is not really a storage facility).
16: Get rid of all lingering to-do lists. It's time to just get it all done.
17: Is... top secret. Meaning, I'm not ready to share... just yet!

What are you Fall to-dos?


Rryan said...

We seem to share a few there lady.

A. I am shocked as a maritimer you have not baked an apple pie before, that is like never making a stew or eating fresh off-the-boat lobster.

B. Mega fall potluck in my tiny abode - coming soon

C. You are more than welcome to yoga it up with Katie and I on Tuesday nights!!

Perhaps we could cross some of these off in some sort of epic lady date with Burgerkat and McLamos xox

Barb said...


Sophie said...

Im dying to try my hand at soup too. Bookmarked lots of recipes!

Kate said...

Malware notice is gone! Hoorah! That soup sounds intensely delish! I love making soups in fall! I made a chicken chili over the weekend but I'm looking forward to breaking out my emersion blender to make some pureed ones soon! Yay fall!

Caroline said...

Omg! So much to say in response to this post. First of all, you look lovely as always. I love this outfit. I've never seen the skirt before either - it's perfect with that sweater especially! Your fall to-do list has also inspired me to create my own. Fall does not last long enough in Canada, in my opinion, so I too want to enjoy it while I can!

xo Caroline

Anonymous said...

Obsessed with those amazing sunnies! Perfect, cozy fall look, too

Xo, Rachel

Giovanna said...

Cute look! Loving your sweater and sunnies! Love your Fall To-DO list! I need to make one of these asap!


Rebecca Jane said...

The fall to-do list is such a fantastic idea! I had also wanted to go apple picking, and just went this weekend. I currently have a giant bag of honeycrisp apples that I've been enjoying ever since = wonderful.

Love this look too - esp that skirt!

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