Monday, November 12, 2012

Don Cherry Blazer

Blazer: Vintge / Top & Booties: Joe Fresh / Pants: Flying Monkey / Earrings & Headband: J. Crew / Glasses: Elizabeth & James "Lamar" / Watch: Guess

I've had this blazer for about a year now, sometimes calling it my "Don Cherry" blazer, and thinking to myself every time I pick it up "I should wear this while the window is here". I guess today is that window. I'm pretty in love with plaid, and though this isn't my perfect tartan, picking it up for a mere few dollars makes it fine enough for now. I'd like something a little more subdued & subtle in colour, and when looking at different inspiration sources, I found myself really liking this roundup.

How was your weekend?


Siena in Style said...

I am in love with your hair!!!
kisses from Milano

Crazy Style Love said...

Ha ha ha ha ha, I just love how you described this as a Don Cherry blazer! It's so true, yet so stinkin' fabulous! You seriously look awesome!

xo Jenny

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

LOVE the don cherry blazer! :O

HollyDolly said...

hahahaha I may not be Canadian, but I am a hockey fan. And the Don Cherry reference MADE MY DAY.

Plus, that is the perfect holiday plaid! So pretty!

Kate said...

I love the Don Cherry blazer and am happy to see it getting some wear!! I have my sights set on a tartan blazer from the Gap right now - sooo in love with it! (Santa?) I love this whole blazer/glasses/bun/earrings combo! Looks great on you!

Alana said...

I can't tell you how jealous I am of your tartan blazer! I want!!! I have been on the hunt FOREVER for one of these babies! You do Don Cherry very well, he would be proud.

Rebecca Jane said...

This blazer is so fantastic, and I laughed so much when I saw the reference to the king of bold blazers, Mr. Cherry.

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