Friday, January 24, 2014

2013 (Re-Caping / Resolution-ing / Realizing)

2013, you were kind of an asshole.

I've come to do this re-cap every year (here is last year's), and it is always two part. Above is the satorial slideshow, but beyond that, it's kind of my opportunity to chronologically review what has gone down, as well as the emotional components & carnage that accompany it all. I have come to gather from my social media outlets that I am not the only one that wished 2013 a trip to hell in a hand basket. It was by no nuances: a rough one. I said goodbye to love, I said hello to love. I went through the "romantic ringer". I experienced loss & the bereavement that follows. I often had questions for the universe. But I also had rapturous times. Good pals. A fun & witty workplace. A collaterally supportive family. I ate my greens.


So what did I do in you, 2013? Well, I started a new job that I love, with a great mentor of a boss & acquired a hilarious work family along with it. I went home to Cape Breton quite a bit. I had lovely times with my friends ( 1 / 2 / 3). I went camping on my own for the very first time. I attended a blogger conference in Saint John. I ate a lot of toast (1 / 2). I indulged in my love for the water lots & lots ( 1 / 2 ). I attended 5 weddings (and photographed at 2). I listened to this on repeat. I re-lived a teenage dream and saw Hanson in concert. I lost my Grandfather to a 3 month long cancer battle. I upholstered & pin tucked a headboard in Marie Antoinette blue satin (this involved using a staple gun!). I turned 29 in a bowtie. I had many adventures (1 / 2 / 3). I had 2 reunions with my very best girl. I said goodbye to both of these dear creatures. I went to 3 music festivals: 2 in the dead of Winter & 1 in the of crux of Summer. I dressed up as a skeleton for Halloween. I fell in love with hot yoga. I spent loads of time with my family. I got a black eye from a cat punching me in the face. I continued to eat a lot of kale.


Last year my one & only resolution was to "be a blessing to everyone I meet". I can honestly say that I feel solid in having delivered on this one. I wanted to "work on myself" & makeover my soul, so to speak. Be a graceful presence. A classy broad. A helpful heart.  And now.. I feel satisfied & self-assured. Like I've settled into myself. This year? Well, I'm not so sure. Yes, I made a list of the little things:

-Stop sleeping with technological devices. Sometimes I am literally in bed with a Macbook, an iPhone & an iPad, all at once. It's like a body pillow for singles, sponsored by Apple. I don't think it's super healthy, and I am pretty sure I slept just fine before I was way too connected, so this has to stop.

-Continue with hot yoga & go very regularly. It's marvelous for my body & my brain.

-Drink more water. Admittedly, some days I drink none. This is unacceptable for a human life. I am not a camel.

-Start writing things down & out when you're down & out. Guys, a lot of preposterous things happen to me (especially within the romantic category), and I think it's almost time for a quarter life memoir of sorts. Poking fun at ones self is very therapeutic.

-Do the Cabot Trail. This may not mean something to all of you, but the Cabot Trail is basically beauty characterized. I've been a Cape Bretoner for 29 years now & I revere in nature, so the fact that I haven't done this is just downright unacceptable.

-Get contact lenses. You are really, pretty blind, Kristin. You actively snub people when out, and that is not cordial. Get this sorted out & you will never have to feel dressed down by glasses in a party dress ever again.

-Downsize & organize. No one needs 50 lipsticks in their purse, bottom line. Decide what you need in your life & routine, and keep to just that. I started doing this via a closet purge + the inception of a new purse and it feels really, really good. Something so small, but helpful on the head.


Beyond the "list" of plans & promises, I coined this on Twitter one day as a joke, but have come to think that it just may be the most accurate & relevant... be the honey badger. don't give a care, be a badass, get the cobra. As I explained above, a lot of my previous resolutions centred around developing some "new & improved version" of myself. I'm going to call bullshit on this one for the year, I think. I'm a great gal, and being chiefly aware of that on a more conscious level should help me happily achieve the rest of my targets. This is what I am going with.

2014 has been off to a rough start. I got trapped in my car on the highway in an ice storm for 6 hours. I got the H1N1 influenza & had to be quarantined, as sick as I have ever been, for a whole week. I got in a fender bender due to black ice (stupid jerk). I had my feelings transiently bruised. But you know what 2014.. I'm going to give you some time. A probation period. Another shot.

If you're still reading: thank you. If you're still visiting sometimes, maybe: thank you. I don't update on the regular, and I'm certainly a bit of a blogger delinquent. These things happen. Sorry, not sorry. It's not you, it's me. Etc. Maybe I'll be a better blogger in this new year, but maybe I won't be. The best part is is that I am learning to be just fine with that and do what it is that I want to. Que sera, sera.

Take very good care.

x, Kristin


RoselyC said...

Sucks to hear about you being sick and your fender bender and everything not so good that has happened to you so far. I think things can only go up from here. So here is hoping you have a great 2014.

Unknown said...

Agree with Rosely... surely things can only get better! (I knocked on wood).

sis said...

Absolutely love this round up, recap, resolutions and realizing.

Couple things:
1. most definitely get contacts - I know the feeling of accidental snubbing, it may make you seem the coolest but it can be a bummer
2. I died when I read your water resolution... too funny. you would make a sweet camel though
3. January and February are no way to measure the potential of a year. 2014 will be the best!

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