Monday, January 3, 2011

A River So Long

 Happy Monday, blog friends! Today marks my return to work after my two week vacation. To say it will be a swift kick of reality is an understatement. I am, suffice to say, a work-a-holic, and I, for once, took a real, long, relaxing vacation this holiday season. I have had a beautiful holiday filled with insanely delicious food, tons of festivities, and quality family & friend time. Also featured during this holiday season were: laughs, hugs, dancing, coffees, small adventures, photo-ing, and blogging. Many of my very favorite things. Here is a shoot from one of my favorite days this break.

This shoot took place just a few days ago, on a chilly but beautiful Winter day. I've never been one for Winter, but I'm learning to like it more and more. This was the second last day of December, and my nose was perfectly red by the end of these pictures. I live in a very beautiful part of the world (it's simple, but beautiful), and this river is just one example. Something this beautiful, being a mere 5 minute drive from your home makes me very lucky. I've consulted this river for many decisions before, driving to the park on this road and making my way down to the shore to poke a stick around in the dirt. I love sticking myself smack dab in the middle of rapturous scenarios. 

I want to thank each and every person that visits my little blog, leaves a comment with some love, or inspires me on their own site. I'm only a few weeks into this, and to be honest, I wasn't so sure if it would sit with me. Turns out I absolutely love it so far, and hope to continue posting as much as possible. The few friends that I have met in the "blog world" so far are the sweetest kinds of people, and I am insanely excited to continue making new friends. It's just so much fun to partake. Have a fantastic Monday!

(Sweater: RW & Co., Skirt: Mexx, Tights: Hue, Belt: H&M, Boots: Zara)


Melissa Wright said...

Love your style!! Found your blog through Kate of O My Heart!

barb c said...

I'm in love with that belt!!!

Unknown said...

great blog (and welcome)! your pictures are fantastic and i think i need those boots. can't wait to see what else you have in store.


gee said...

that big black bow is perfect.
you look beautiful and the photos are so lovely.
i hope you have a wonderful week love!! <3

Laura said...

Umm can I just say I am obsessed with your black bow! How perfect :) And welcome to the blog world! I am new too (4 months in) and learning every day. Just found your blog and can't wait to read more!

jazzyphizz said...

Really cute skirt. The black bow really adds something!

Sharon Lei said...

Hi Kristin! I found your blog thru your bestie Kate. :) I adore your oversized bow belt! I'm a sucker for bows.. and I also love all the snow around you! Send some to Hawaii please. hee hee.

Well, I'm lovin' what I've seen and read so far, so I'll definitely be back for more. Hope your 2011 is off to a great start!! and welcome back from vacation.

xx Love & Aloha
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Anonymous said...

I just LOVE this post!
I feel the same, time to get back to work!!
Love your style!

JMay said...

Ahh I love these pics!

The scenary, the belt, the skirt, the shoes!! :-) SO pretty!

Happy New Year lady!

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

This outfit is just so lovely... I need that skirt! The bow is so cute! xo

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