Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fuzzy Giddy

Shorts: F21 / Sweater: Vintage / Bomber: Joe Fresh / Booties: Sam Edelman / Tights: Hue / Watch: Guess / Sunnies: Le Chateau

Hello, hi there, hey now, hi. 

How are we? A blog post! A blogggg post. So I met up with Kate on the weekend for some blog photo fun, and if I'm being really honest, this was an outfit re-create. I did not wear sequin bootie shorts on a Sunday, but I did wear a similar outfit to a Valentine's day bash and felt it photo worthy. I scored this vintage fuzzy sweater for like $3, and I was just giddy. It's white, so it will transition well into the next season, and it makes me feel just a little, say, Parisian cool when I wear it. And that cannot be a bad thing. 

In other news, I need the Winter to be over. Yesterday my nose was running & it froze on the way out. I thought that was both disgusting & amazing. These -27 (seriously) March temperatures are just my last straw, and I need need need some Spring. I'm dreaming of you, Spring. I'm dreaming of side walks that aren't encased in layers of ice. Of times that my face doesn't hurt. That I don't have to yell out in agony when I get in my car. Of the return of SHOES. Of a little heart & soul renewal, perhaps. 

Are you ready for the Spring?

Thank you to Kate for the photos. <3

Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Wise

Boots: Zara / Pants: Vince Camuto / Coat: / Sweater & Blouse: J. Crew / Hat: Vintage / Bag: Michael Kors / Watch: Guess

Photos by Tash Hachey.

Oh hi.

It's me, the little blogger who didn't. I've been majorly m.i.a. lately. I'm not sure that I'm going to be blogging "full time" anytime soon, but I needed to share some shots taken by my sweet friend Tash. We met up on Saturday for coffee, farmers market-ing & general downtown wandering, and she snapped my casual outfit made up of a silk chicken blouse, a cozy knit, live-in/Canadian-winter-staple riding boots, the best beanie, and my very favourite bag. What a very lovely time.

Also, I was going to photoshop that lovely bit of salt on my boots away, but this is Canada in February. Salt happens. 

I hope that everyone out there is super swell. xo.

Friday, January 24, 2014

2013 (Re-Caping / Resolution-ing / Realizing)

2013, you were kind of an asshole.

I've come to do this re-cap every year (here is last year's), and it is always two part. Above is the satorial slideshow, but beyond that, it's kind of my opportunity to chronologically review what has gone down, as well as the emotional components & carnage that accompany it all. I have come to gather from my social media outlets that I am not the only one that wished 2013 a trip to hell in a hand basket. It was by no nuances: a rough one. I said goodbye to love, I said hello to love. I went through the "romantic ringer". I experienced loss & the bereavement that follows. I often had questions for the universe. But I also had rapturous times. Good pals. A fun & witty workplace. A collaterally supportive family. I ate my greens.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Additions

Bag: Michael Kors / Booties: Sam Edelman / Dress: Zara / Tights: H&M / Coat: Vero Moda 

A new year with new additions. 

I was a pretty lucky girl over the holidays. I got to spend lots of quality times with family & friends, eat all of the delicious foods, re-charge, etc.. But I was also lucky because Santa was very, very good to me. I received such thoughtful & beautiful gifts, and here are a few new additions I have been meaning to share since then.

Satchel Bag: I received a black Michael Kors bag 2 years ago as a gift, and really it became an appendage for me. I was immediately in love with this camel satchel,  and it hasn't left my side. I love beautiful basics & for me, this is one of those.

Fun (flat!) booties: I have had heeled ankle booties for years, but never owned some of the flat & practical variety. These are insanely comfy, but have enough edge to feel fun.

Comfiest dress: I am living in this dress lately. Mixed houndstooth prints, soft, slinky material, a swingy silhouette, and pockets. It's true love.

Would you still believe me if I told you that a 2013 recap is still coming? Only a month late, guys!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

13 Songs For 2013

This is a bit different for me.

Since I'm still working on my 2013 recap for you - it's really about being inept at collage making, truth be told - I figured I would put something else together quickly that was a reflection of sorts on the year that just came to an end.

13 Songs for 2013. Not necessarily from 2013 (some are, though). Just 13 songs that stood out to me, were on repeat, of emotional relevance, etc. This year was big for me, musically, and though I am not generally of the music sharing blogging platform.. it's a new year, so let's do it.


James Blake - Retrograde / This album is insanely good. I absolutely love it from start to finish, full & through, truly, madly, deeply. It's probably my 1st or 2nd favorite album from last year, which is hard to peg. It's a perfect 'listen through' album, and I find this song to be the absolute sexiest.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Corporate Fridays

Photos by Natasha Hachey

Jeans & Blouse: c/o Joe Fresh / Blazer: J. Crew / Booties & Bag: Michael Kors / Necklace: Thrifted

A very quick post featuring a Friday work day get up. We get to wear jeans on the last day of the work week, but I like to keep Fridays as corporate as I can and did that with a new to me Joe Fresh silk blouse in match-everything black & white dots, paired with my J. Crew schoolboy blazer. Fool proof & comfortable for not only meetings but a lunch date with the lovely Natasha who took these quick shots for me. Truth be told, it was about -25 on this day, so 2 was all we could survive. C'est la vie here in Eastern Canada, but I can't wait to collaborate with her more on some warmer days.

And where is my 2013 re-cap you ask? It's coming, it's coming! I promise...

Should I add punctuality to the resolution list?

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Tweed Tee

Coat: Insight / Skirt: J. Crew / Top: c/o Banana Republic / Shoes: Le Chateau / Watch: Guess / Headband: J. Crew

A very quick post in a holiday outfit featuring a beautiful tweed tee that arrived last week from Banana Republic. Tweed & monochromatic but comfy & roomy enough for 4 thousand treats? Sold, like, love.

I hope everyone had merry holiday times, whatever it was you got up to. I'm sure I'll be recapping my time at home via photo diary soon enough, but my break went by way too quick - how about you?

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bring It Downtown (Volume 3)

As you would have seen in my sneak peek post, I was asked to be part of Bring It Downtown for the 3rd time this year, as the campaign is now 3 years going strong. The concept behind Bring It Downtown is simple: outfit 15 "Social Media Junkies" with $100 in cold hard downtown dollars and let them loose to spend + document their experience. The goal behind the campaign is also simple: bright some much deserved focus to beautiful Downtown Fredericton and its establishments. This year involved an added twist: pick a theme from a hat based around some of Downtown Fredericton's slogans. This girl got "Stay All Day", which is a theme I'm clearly very comfortable with (exhibit a, exhibit b). I wanted to put a new spin on things this year (as well as relate it back to the blog), so I decided to spend my downtown dollars on a Saturday & document the coordinating day & night outfits. 

So! Let's stay all day in Downtown Fredericton in outfits that move from day to night

Dressing For A Day Downtown

Warm Layers & Winter Colours

Dressing For A Night Downtown

The Little Black Dress, Dressed Down


Day To Night In Downtown Fredericton: Days always start the very same for me. It is all about the coffee. I decided upon Whitney Coffee at the Farmer's Market to start my Saturday adventure, which is a pretty regular haunt for me. Quad latte & go! After the market (where I also acquired some amazing vegan cookies, Miramichi smoked salmon, and homemade Boursin cheese), I hit the downtown streets for what makes Saturdays best: galavanting between food, shopping, and eventually, drinks. I met my good pal Heather (from the treasure trove, reNeu Boutique) for brunch at The Palate. I had the curried eggs while she had an amazing salad. More coffee & conversation a plenty & we were ready to move onto phase two of the afternoon: walking & shopping.

We moved through all the downtown streets, popping into shops to warm up & look about for Christmas gifts, a few of which I acquired. I visited three "home" stores during the afternoon, all of which were delightful in different ways. Savour Decor hosted things rustic & warm - Room 2 Remember things practical & neat - and the Urban Almanac things quirky & modern. I picked up a few gifts, though I can't disclose before Christmas! At the Urban Almanac I was able to donate to the FSPCA via their "donation tree", which makes me the happiest. I was also able to visit with the owner's doggy, Cooper, who is the most friendly. After this, I popped into reNeu Boutique for a browse and ended up leaving with some art deco gold champagne flutes & a form-fitting 70's dress (perhaps my NYE wear). My last shopping stop was a new to me store: Elle Mio. I was always really curious about bra fitting, and I had heard great things about this shop. Hands down my favourite use of Downtown dollars as their bra fitting professional sized me on site, customized a style, and had me leaving with the most perfect undergarment for my body. Where I write a style blog, I can't sing the praises enough of trying out a bra fitting if you're female. I've come to realize that the right bra changes the way you wear things, makes your posture better, and feels the very comfiest - take my advice & head on in.

At this point it was time for some more coffee & some more eats. I went into a regular haunt of mine, the Cedar Tree Cafe. Their coffee always gives me the best jolt, and the staff are the very nicest. I had some curry (a very curry filled day) and popped on home to dress for the night time portion of my day. After some down time, a cuddle with my cat, a change into an LBD, and a few swipes of lipstick, I was ready to meet a girlfriend for drinks at the King Street Alehouse. Their beer selection is the best & I spent the evening with Anchor Steam, sweet potato fries & delightful chats. A great day ended perfectly.

I can't thank Downtown Fredericton enough for involving me 3 years going - I love the city, I love it's businesses & I'm always happy to stay all day.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Holiday Attire

Holiday Nights

All details at my Polyvore!
It seems that the holiday season is here in full swing, especially with this weekend being fully booked with holiday related activities. I couldn't love it more, to be honest. There is something downright magical about the holidays, and I look forward to that feeling every single year. 
I wanted to showcase looks from both types of nights I'll be having this weekend, and probably from now until after the holidays. I find that outfits over the holidays generally switch between comfy & warm, to festive & foxy, and this weekend is a perfect example.
Tonight is dedicated to getting a tree for our place (the roommate & I), decorating it, consuming Baileys, making cookies, and listening to some magical music (I love this one lots & lots..). Tomorrow night is my work Christmas party, which I'll be getting dolled up for. Dress, drinks, food, dancing & laughs... I'm in.
What are your holiday uniforms?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bring It Downtown (Sneak Peek)

As you may have seen me say in an earlier post, I was asked to be part of Bring It Downtown again this year, which marks my third year as an involved "Social Media Junkie" from here in the city of Fredericton. This campaign, put on by Downtown Fredericton, is into its third year now, and the initiative focuses around bringing light to downtown business, culture, play, and stay. At the launch party (where we received our downtown dollars ($100 of them!), I pulled the theme "Stay All Day" from a hat. This is very similar to what I've done in both campaigns past, so I wanted to find a way to put a new spin on things. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (dollparade), you'd have noticed me hashtagging #bringitdowntown for about the past week. Above is a little sneak peek into what I did with my dollars (and days), and the full recap (including my new spin!) is almost complete. 

So.. what did I do with my dollars? Stay tuned!