Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fuzzy Giddy

Shorts: F21 / Sweater: Vintage / Bomber: Joe Fresh / Booties: Sam Edelman / Tights: Hue / Watch: Guess / Sunnies: Le Chateau

Hello, hi there, hey now, hi. 

How are we? A blog post! A blogggg post. So I met up with Kate on the weekend for some blog photo fun, and if I'm being really honest, this was an outfit re-create. I did not wear sequin bootie shorts on a Sunday, but I did wear a similar outfit to a Valentine's day bash and felt it photo worthy. I scored this vintage fuzzy sweater for like $3, and I was just giddy. It's white, so it will transition well into the next season, and it makes me feel just a little, say, Parisian cool when I wear it. And that cannot be a bad thing. 

In other news, I need the Winter to be over. Yesterday my nose was running & it froze on the way out. I thought that was both disgusting & amazing. These -27 (seriously) March temperatures are just my last straw, and I need need need some Spring. I'm dreaming of you, Spring. I'm dreaming of side walks that aren't encased in layers of ice. Of times that my face doesn't hurt. That I don't have to yell out in agony when I get in my car. Of the return of SHOES. Of a little heart & soul renewal, perhaps. 

Are you ready for the Spring?

Thank you to Kate for the photos. <3


Priscila Diniz said...

I just found your blog today, and love it!
Keep going with this great job!

Priscila Diniz

Kym Reed said...

I am loving the leather short. This is a perfect look for winter/fall. I am ready for Spring as well. But I know you will have some cute outfits to post when spring finally comes around.


peach said...

I like your blog :)

joey haley said...

Is it wrong that I view you as a narcissistic, over confident, self entitled, and ugly bully?

joey haley said...

You could be incredibly compassionate and beautiful on the inside. The same might be true of your bullying community of lesser talents.

joey haley said...

You shouldn't bully nice guys like me, you tacky, ugly lady with your vitriolic spirit.

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