Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bring It Downtown (Volume 3)

As you would have seen in my sneak peek post, I was asked to be part of Bring It Downtown for the 3rd time this year, as the campaign is now 3 years going strong. The concept behind Bring It Downtown is simple: outfit 15 "Social Media Junkies" with $100 in cold hard downtown dollars and let them loose to spend + document their experience. The goal behind the campaign is also simple: bright some much deserved focus to beautiful Downtown Fredericton and its establishments. This year involved an added twist: pick a theme from a hat based around some of Downtown Fredericton's slogans. This girl got "Stay All Day", which is a theme I'm clearly very comfortable with (exhibit a, exhibit b). I wanted to put a new spin on things this year (as well as relate it back to the blog), so I decided to spend my downtown dollars on a Saturday & document the coordinating day & night outfits. 

So! Let's stay all day in Downtown Fredericton in outfits that move from day to night

Dressing For A Day Downtown

Warm Layers & Winter Colours

Dressing For A Night Downtown

The Little Black Dress, Dressed Down


Day To Night In Downtown Fredericton: Days always start the very same for me. It is all about the coffee. I decided upon Whitney Coffee at the Farmer's Market to start my Saturday adventure, which is a pretty regular haunt for me. Quad latte & go! After the market (where I also acquired some amazing vegan cookies, Miramichi smoked salmon, and homemade Boursin cheese), I hit the downtown streets for what makes Saturdays best: galavanting between food, shopping, and eventually, drinks. I met my good pal Heather (from the treasure trove, reNeu Boutique) for brunch at The Palate. I had the curried eggs while she had an amazing salad. More coffee & conversation a plenty & we were ready to move onto phase two of the afternoon: walking & shopping.

We moved through all the downtown streets, popping into shops to warm up & look about for Christmas gifts, a few of which I acquired. I visited three "home" stores during the afternoon, all of which were delightful in different ways. Savour Decor hosted things rustic & warm - Room 2 Remember things practical & neat - and the Urban Almanac things quirky & modern. I picked up a few gifts, though I can't disclose before Christmas! At the Urban Almanac I was able to donate to the FSPCA via their "donation tree", which makes me the happiest. I was also able to visit with the owner's doggy, Cooper, who is the most friendly. After this, I popped into reNeu Boutique for a browse and ended up leaving with some art deco gold champagne flutes & a form-fitting 70's dress (perhaps my NYE wear). My last shopping stop was a new to me store: Elle Mio. I was always really curious about bra fitting, and I had heard great things about this shop. Hands down my favourite use of Downtown dollars as their bra fitting professional sized me on site, customized a style, and had me leaving with the most perfect undergarment for my body. Where I write a style blog, I can't sing the praises enough of trying out a bra fitting if you're female. I've come to realize that the right bra changes the way you wear things, makes your posture better, and feels the very comfiest - take my advice & head on in.

At this point it was time for some more coffee & some more eats. I went into a regular haunt of mine, the Cedar Tree Cafe. Their coffee always gives me the best jolt, and the staff are the very nicest. I had some curry (a very curry filled day) and popped on home to dress for the night time portion of my day. After some down time, a cuddle with my cat, a change into an LBD, and a few swipes of lipstick, I was ready to meet a girlfriend for drinks at the King Street Alehouse. Their beer selection is the best & I spent the evening with Anchor Steam, sweet potato fries & delightful chats. A great day ended perfectly.

I can't thank Downtown Fredericton enough for involving me 3 years going - I love the city, I love it's businesses & I'm always happy to stay all day.


Unknown said...

You are stunning.

JennaStevie said...

What a truly fantastic way to get people downtown, this sounds like such a wonderful day and downtown Fredericton sounds like it has a lot to offer!!
Both of this outfits are perfect, that green jacket is amazing on you, and I love the LBD with the leather jacket!

Annick said...

Great post! You're totally right about the bra thing - a good bra feels absolutely amazing! I'll have to check out that boutique! Glad you made good use out of your dollahs!

And how effing stunning are you in that first picture. I call it essence of Kristin! It's perfect!

Bold Subtlety

Unknown said...

I love your nighttime look. Very chic! I would take one of those little electric fabric shavers to your lovely green coat, though. ;) Great blog post, and could you be any more gorgeous?

Rebecca Jane said...

I love the idea of supporting local, and it sounds like a super-fun time. Love the forest green look you started off with - perfect!

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