Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pale Love

Hi all. I have to admit: I'm cheating a bit. This isn't exactly a rewind post, as it was shot in Winter; but it certainly isn't from, say, this week. There is definitely ice and snow permanently fixated on all surfaces where I am from here until the thaw, and I would not be able to stand in a blouse for any period of time comfortably. That said, this was definitely Winter, and I was definitely waiting to post this on a day when I was feeling particularly drawn to these muted neutrals. 

This pin is sort of dear to me. I got it at an antique sale, stopping at a table simply bedaubed with strange little broaches. I was between this one and a small squirrel, but opted for the weirder of the two. I think it is a platypus with a strange, striped belly, but I'm still kind of unsure - the jury's out on that one. 

I picked up this silky blouse in Vegas last October, and realized upon entering the dressing room and getting it on that it was supposed to be a crop top. I, having no torso, could almost wear it as a regular top, so I tuck it into most things thus far. I am kind of excited for Spring so that I can try it with some straight legged cigarette trousers and platforms. What do you think?

To any Eastern/Mid-Western-ers, I hope you survive the weather bomb that is on the way. Stay warm, stay safe, and have a very happy Wednesday.

(Skirt: Vera Moda, Silk Blouse: Guess, Boots: Zara, Necklace: F21, Pin: Thrifted)


Rachel said...

Great outfit with great accessories; love it all. :D

Unknown said...

love the buttoned-up shirt and those boots! seriously, the boots are just amazing.

Unknown said...

That pin is adorable! And I love your top and boots as well :)

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