Friday, February 18, 2011

Rewind - A Ruffled Love

Hi Gang. So, it's Friday, and I was choosing between a Rewind post or a Photo Diary, and decided to go one for one, each week. So, for today, you get an outfit from the Summer, when things were green and I was warm. I can't complain, though - today was +4 degrees. There's hope! I picked up this blouse for it's front detailing, since I'm a sucker for a ruffle of any kind. I also like anything that has a touch of androgyny, and this ruffle, which sort of resembles a tie, fit the bill. I wore my very favorite basic necklace as a bracelet, and remember almost losing it about 15 times. Please never leave my life, thick gold chain

So, I have a really fun weekend lined up that includes brunching, cocktailing, dancing, and coffee-ing. How can it get better than that? I also get to meet another blogger, Kristy, who seems to have every interest and hobbie that I do. This is why I love the blogosphere, really. What do you all have planned out? Let me know of your small, rapturous moments. Have a happy weekend and stay tuned for next week, as I'll be hosting my very own giveaway. I can't wait!

(Jeans: Joe Fresh, Tunic: Winners, Shoes: Dollhouse, Bracelet: Thrifted, Purse: AWear)


Melissa Wright said...

Love those shoes!! Sounds like you have a busy weekend! I do too, hanging out with some friends on Saturday and then Sunday I am going to be at Out with the Old in with the New at Rhoda's here in Saint John. Have a great weekend!

The Semi Sweet said...

I can't believe how awesome those shoes are!!! Love them! I hope you still have them for the upcoming season.

It sounds like you're gearing up for an awesome weekend. Have fun! I'll most likely be seeing Rabbit Hole.

Anonymous said...

Love that top and hope to see it an more outfit posts come warmer weather!

Rachel said...

The ruffly part is so pretty! I love that combined with the tank. :D

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Oooh, gosh. I want warmth already! I absolutely love your shoes! I cannot waittttt to break out more heels!

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