Monday, March 7, 2011

Blue Queen

Hi gang. How is everyone doing on the last Monday before Daylight Savings Time? I never thought I could be so excited about a season change as I am for this coming Spring, and I think that all bloggers will be rejoicing with me. I know that I will be having one heck of a cocktail in commemoration of Spring ahead - will you? Today was above zero, and it rained a whole heck of a lot. It started to melt some of the snow, but it's now that filthy dirty time of year, so I snuck back to a few shoots past for today's post. Please forgive! 

I love love love this dress. It was so perfectly on sale the day I spotted it that I knew I couldn't walk away. It has been a pretty big staple in this Winter's wardrobe, since it is knit, monochromatic, and easy to accessorize. I have been popping a long sleeved shirt underneath for the Winter months, but come Spring, I think I will pair it with some red. For this day, however, I paired it with a color that I am always just smitten with: cobalt (as you can see here). What are some colors that make repeat appearances in your wardrobe? Let a girl know!

Have a happy Monday, everyone!

(Dress: 3+1 Audrey, Tights: Hue, Jacket: Jones New York, Shoes: Volatile, Scarf: Joe Fresh)


Rachel said...

Lovely photos; I like how the dress is versatile enough to where you can change the palette completely and it still looks perfect. :D

Unknown said...

love that headband, suits you so well! I love that shade of blue, too :)

Courtney Erin said...

I love the wedges...and the hair bow against the black jacket is lovely.

xoxo ~ Courtney

Ashley said...

Hey there! I just discovered your blog from Walk of Fashion's interview with you. :) Lovely blog and style you've got going on here...I love your feminine style! Cute hair bow, and YES, I am so excited for spring! It's coming up so fast, but the weather is still very winter-esque. Makes me sad.

Unknown said...

you pull off a hair bow SO well. you look amazing!

TrophyBoutique said...

Love blue headband giving the dark outfit a little pop!

Meritxell said...

I just discovered your blog thank's to Walk of Fashion's!!
I like your blog and your look is just like a doll!!!
PS: I'm strated to follow you!


Nicci St. Bruce said...

You look so great!

Rebecca Jane said...

I CANNOT wait for spring - so excited, have to say.

I love your blue ribbon! It adds such a pretty pop of colour. I think colours that repeat in my wardrobe would be this same colour blue, but also turquoise and emerald green.

Amber said...

just found your blog via walk of fashion and love it. You look so cute in this outfit. Consider me your new follower

gee said...

the blue in your hair is perfect.
i CAN NOT wait for daylight savings..ugh!!!
beautiful as always.. <3
have a wonderful week ..

Bonnie said...

I need your shoes in my life.
And I love your hair bow.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

mode. said...

just found your lovely blog. the hair bow looks great on you, and i adore your Tim Burton stripes!
<3 mode.

Kara said...

Loving the pop of blue here, lady! And wow- I definitely hear ya on Daylights Saving time! lol I am so excited for another hour of sunlight, bring it on!! :)


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