Friday, March 25, 2011

Love Chronicles

Hi guys. Guess what? Ittttt's Friday. That's right: it. is. Friday. I'm not generally the "T.G.I.F" kind of girl, but this time around, the weekend is quite direly needed. Beyond catching up on some sleep and getting better from this plague, I am hoping to: see some live music, sort out my Spring wish list, order eggs benedict, drink a glass or two of wine, and giggle with some girl pals. Cross all of your fingers that I am human again by Saturday! Have a fantastic weekend!

Some Spring tulips to brighten my kitchen table. 

Who doesn't like toast?

My cat. Chester, blogosphere. Blogosphere, Chester.

A branch I quite liked.

A beautiful friend. <3

Tea time.

Some dapper shoes. 

A blurry yours truly. Darn you manual focus I forgot to turn off.


Emma Dilemma said...

I loooove Friday doll parade posts! Personally the blurry just looks soft & I'm diggin it!

Rachel said...

Those shoes are indeed dapper...have a great weekend. :D

Courtney Erin said...

Chester! I have two cats myself and love seeing other people's.

xoxo ~ Courtney

candice said...

Aw, I love you. This is a lovely post <3

Miranda said...

Great photos, I just love your blog.


Meritxell said...

I adore your cat!!!!oooh it's so sweety!!!!


gee said...

oh man, i love toast..esp with a ton of butter. yum! :P
have a wonderful weekend love.

this free bird said...

it is time for tea and shoes and brunch and nothing. i love the weekend! long live cats!!


Julia said...

Such cute photos! They've made me excited for the weekend! I love your blog!

Please check mine out and if you like what you see follow! Id love the support! xx

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