Friday, April 8, 2011

Love Chronicles

Hi gang. It's Friday, and I've compiled some pictures for the weekly Love Chronicles feature. Below are a few things I picked out while battling some pretty intense exhaustion, so apologies for their lack of continuity. This week has been a lot of things, but today ... today is a light at the end of a very long tunnel. Tomorrow I am off for the first day in twenty (no, not a white lie in place for comedic effect), and you best believe that I'm going to be consuming some wine, taking in the +0 temperatures, appreciating every little thing that I have in my life, and spending quality time with friends. I wish you all the very best of weekends, and I hope that you have a few rapturous moments here and there. Lots of love!

Feelin' nautical.

Jukebox dive.

This still being alive is reason enough to believe in a higher power.

Strolling in an outfit that didn't really make it into a post. 

Some jewels in my bedroom. 

Give this one a go (if you are legal!).

Spring 2011 - The reappearance of colorful scarves. 

Piglets at one of my favorite places on earth (farm with an ice cream store!).

Blueberry crisp on a Sunday afternoon. 


The Semi Sweet said...

I think I will make the blueberry crisp this weekend:) It looks so delicious!

Shybiker said...

Sorry for the grind you've been through. I relate.

Love that nautical vest!

Kate said...

you're nothing without a colorful scarf, girl. ;)

Rebecca said...

That vest over your striped shirt is beyond fabulousness! I love it!


Rachel said...

I love those table-top jukeboxes! Reminds me of having lunch with my family at diners when I was a kid. :D

Laura said...

i love these photos!!!!!


gee said...

i love the first outfit. the vest is amazing.
have a wonderful weekend love.

Amber said...

those little Piglets are too flippin cute

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