Friday, June 3, 2011

Love Chronicles: Bestie Edition

I don't over-share on the blog, and I prefer it that way. I talk about some parts of my life, and I put little tidbits into the universe every Friday with the Love Chronicles feature. People has responded quite positively to this feature, expressing that they love having a peek into the life behind the "blogger" (I'm still weird about that "title"). I decided to do something a little bit different this week and share a few "portraits" (it's a quotation marks kinda day) of my very favorite people (Note: If you are not here, it clearly means I hate you. Sorry!). Just kidding. I love all of these humans with the whole of my heart, and I hope you like their faces. Have a fantastic weekend.

Candice of Brilliant Sugar.

K.B. helping with outfit shots. Pssst.. she has fabulous K.W. sunnies.

S. at a diner.

J. at a coffeeshop.

M. and her infectious laugh.

Z. with some reads.

S.G. in the sunshine.

Me and Kate being silly.


potpie du monde said...

Great photos! Huge fan of your blog btw :)

This Charming Style said...

Aww I love these photos. It gives me a warm feeling inside to see all your friends. Is that weird? It's just kinda heart warming, haha :)

Stephanie Loudmouth said...

Cute friends!

candice said...

You have the cutest friends. Glad I'm included in this group! Xo

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