Friday, June 17, 2011

Love Chronicles

Hi loves. I usually come into my Fridays with a big ol' list of to-do items, as it is one of my most 'logistical' work days within the week. The photo feature is always a very welcomed item on my list, as I get to reflect on some lovely parts of my week (or previous weekend) and share my bits with you all. This weekend I must, must, must dedicate some of my time into browsing my lovely blogroll, getting inspired, and finally getting some of my own get-ups together. I've been feeling kind of blah this week, and if anyone has any words of wisdom in regards to 'inspiration', they are most welcome. I hope you all take very good care. 

Port city visit.

Little pretties.

Chocolate hazelnut w/ cherry jam. 


Huck Finn?

Lemon lover. 

Saturday latte heaven.

Bbq break.

Supreme sequin love. 


Rachel said...

That pastry looks delicious! Hope you have a good weekend. :)

This Charming Style said...

awesome photos, the chocolate hazelnut thing looks amazing! and i love the sequins :D

candice said...

This is one of my faves yet! From the Port City love to the tart to the polka-dot blouse to the sequins ... pure adoration. Love you!

Chloe said...

I love this post!! Ahhh, that tart looks SO yummy! So does that little sequined number, girl! LOVE IT!

You can never have too many sequins. Love love love it!!

chloe **

Bethany Heron said...

lovely blog babe :D xxx

Laura said...

these photos are absolutely the best! love it!


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