Friday, August 12, 2011

Love Chronicles

Two weekends ago my friend Katie & I went on a much needed mini roadie. We first went to Halifax, Nova Scotia to see the Arcade Fire play & then continued on to a music festival in a nearby town back here in New Brunswick (psst.. the Arcade Fire played again with a secret show - if you have never heard of this band, I suggest you take a listen here). If you follow me on twitter, you'd know that my weekend could basically be summed up in 3 words: music, food, beer. Being me, I took a slew of pictures and felt like sharing a few with you today for Friday. Happy weekend, everyone! xxx

Food at FRED.

Arriving at our music festival.

With a bestie.

Oh hi, I'm meticulous. 

Music, of course. (Greg MacPherson)

Unhealthy eats.

Picnicking (scandalously!?).

Sunnies & Lipstick (and some frizz..). Summer uniform!


This Charming Style said...

sounds like my perfect weekend! everyone should check our arcade fire :)... I think we would get on in "real life"! Music, food, beer and fashion = great weekend! glad you had a good time! xx

Kate said...

so-so-so scandalous (insert sirens) katie makes for one hot picnic partner!

also love your jewels laid out in a row!

Anonymous said...

hooray! good road trip adventures!
where is the muscle man?

Anonymous said...

also i'm stealing one pic of me!

Julia Hurst said...

I think Frizz has been my ultimate summer accessory. (unfortunately)

candice said...

love all these pics, especially the one of k. sitting with her side braid! so cute! xoxo

Anonymous said...

ah so fun! music festivals are amazing - arcade fire too! xo danni

Rebecca said...

Sounds like a pretty stellar weekend, I have to say. Love all your baubles in a row! it reminds me of the tumblr "Things organized neatly"

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