Thursday, January 26, 2012

Goat Chese, Asparagus, and Chive Pasta

One of my resolutions for 2012 was to try to cook & bake more regularly. Original? No. Direly needed? Yes. I have always said that I am a rubbish cook, but guess what? It's kind of a lie. I'm not really that great, and I'm not really that bad, and overall, I'm really just not very motivated. I eat really well, but I make do without a sincere effort. I decided that the blog may help me with my resolution, providing a creative avenue that motivated me to get going. So far? SO GOOD. I have been cooking up a storm in my wonderful little kitchen, amidst new vinyl playing and a small cat purring, and after careful consideration and twitter polling, decided that I will start sharing some recipes here. 

This meal was perfect for a bitterly cold evening, as it provided just the right amount of comfort without being too rich. I'm a huge fan of goat cheese, but even if you aren't, I am thinking this dish will strike your fancy. I adapted my dish from this recipe, using a dairy free substitute for butter and adding a lot of fresh garlic. I steer clear of cow's milk, but I bet it would be just that much tastier with the real deal. Vegetarians could easily skip out on the sausage, or substitute with fakes. Yum. Enjoy!


Rebecca Jane said...

So excited to see you adding food posts to the blog. This looks seriously tasty!

Lidiya said...

The meal looks like perfection, the pasta with goat cheese is seriously delicious <3

Sophie said...

Mmmmm that looks delish!

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