Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bowlers / Cats

 Jeans: Gap / Top: Joe Fresh / Shoe: Thrifted / Sunnies: Le Chateau / Hat: Thrifted / Earrings: J. Crew

Apologies for my absence, folks, but over the weekend I took on a family of stray cats (kittens, a mother, and her brother, to be exact), and have been plugging away at caring for & re-homing them ever since. I have successfully located 3 out of 4 homes, though I'm still looking for just one more (for mummy). More on that in a second. Besides this, Canada Day always marks one of my busiest work weekend of the year, so quite naturally, I'm kind of burnt out.

All this said, I still managed to get dressed for this week's Style Panel question regarding how to wear hats. I decided that I have been hoarding this bowler hat in my closet for way too long now, trying to find the best way to integrate it into my regular wear without looking like I was in a costume. It seemed to pair well with my NEW FAVORITE TANK TOP (sequin & stripes in a neutral palette? what!?). I can see myself pairing this guy with a simple sundress for a farmer’s market outing this summer, and throwing it on with a crisp button-up blouse as the weather cools down.

So! Taking the opportunity to post about the sweet little momma cat who needs a home. I know most of you lovely people are not local, but thought that it couldn't hurt to try to use the ol' blog for some exposure on her. And if not, you get to see a picture of a purdy cat & feel your heart well up just a little extra bit.

Man does her face look sassy! Promises that it is not reflective of her demeanor - it's just her blog-pose-face. ;) More information on this little scallywag can be found here. If you, or someone you know, feel you may be interested in adopting a gentle & darling little pal, feel free to e-mail me at or reply to the ad. I am even willing to deliver her to martime locations!

Have a great Thursday!


Amy (whatimlovinglatey) said...

Love the heels with this casual cool outfit and the hints of sparkle are a great touch too! I hope you'll be able to recharge this weekend :)

Unknown said...

Gahh! so wish i could wear hats... and, as always, i love a good thrift find..... i cant wear hats because NONE except men's fit me... i actually have a HUGE melon! lol.... and also i bought this in a tee version from joe last year and you are inspiring me to dig it out and wear it!
you look so chic!
Enjoy your weekend!

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