Monday, September 24, 2012


Top & Skirt: H&M / Earrings: Little Burgundy / Shoes: Old Navy / Watch: Guess

This weekend I attended my cousin's wedding in a little seaside village about 5 hours away, and I had the best. little. weekend. A fully solo roadie, I took time to stop in Halifax to visit out of town friends, eat delicious food, drink tea, catch up, and get in just a little bit of Fall shopping. Saturday was a whirlwind, as I actually photographed the wedding (my gift to the couple) as well as did any little odd job I could (oh hi, I am your therapist for the day as well!). The wedding was just so beautiful. Hosted in a big ol' white mansion on the water, it featured an entirely local and organic dinner menu (sage infused squash & pumpkin arugula salad, anyone?), a quick & beautiful outdoor ceremony, and of course, my entire family getting together in celebration. 

This is what I wore for the fun. This top = my new obsession. Literally encompassing everything I could want in a blouse, I bee-lined for the last one in my size the second I set eyes on it. And this skirt, which fit like a glove, struck me as so. darn. versatile. Perfect wardrobe additions, I'm thinking.

And just for fun, here's a little out-take of my brother and I. So, we're kind of creepily twin-like, even though there is a 5 year difference between us (though I hope I am the prettier of the 2), and we even managed to match each other perfectly for the day. For some reason I wanted to punch him over this fact?



Unknown said...

Ahhh I love that picture of you & Nick!! And I totally agree that you are totally twin-like :) PS LOVE your wedding outfit!! xo

Amy (whatimlovinglatey) said...

Love the whole outfit, especially the top :) It`s another reminder of why I need an H&M in Ottawa! Great job of keeping the accessories simple. Have a wonderful week!

Krystin Lee said...

In love with this peplum - and of course that top knot :)
xo Krystin

Kastles said...

Great combo of lace & pattern! That sounds like a fun weekend! Have a great week!
<3 Kastles

Siena in Style said...

love this look!
kisses from Milan and Prague

Kate said...

LOVE this outfit!! The top is sooo pretty, and loving the flats, too - that's one of my favorite patterns at the moment (have been almost ordering pillows on etsy in a similar pattern!) You and your bro do look SUPER alike in that photo! Holy! But yes, you are definitely the prettier of the two! xo.

mrsams27 said...

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Short Presents said...

I love this shirt and you rock a bun like no one else! :D

Petite Adventures said...

Love your shirt - the colours are amazing!


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