Friday, January 11, 2013


The weekend is here already and I've honestly got next to no plans for it. If you follow along, you'd know that things haven't been peachy pear keen for me lately, so I made myself a little "feel better list" (as chonricled here on Instagram) with "suggested activities" that can, maybe, combat a complete and total slump. The simple things. Sitting alone with a great cup of coffee, taking a long, solo, walk, buying new pajamas, writing loved ones letters, updating my inspiration board, and so on.
I've received a lot of kind words this past week, and I wanted to say that it means a heck of a lot to me to know that there are lovely & supportive people out there reading along (whether we've even ever met or not). People that are willing to lend their ears or their hearts on over. That makes hard days a little lighter. Have a great weekend, you guys.
x, Kristin
Fuzzy beanie & pink lips on repeat.
From the Autumn. Missing everything about this apple pie.
An oldie from the Spring. Wishing I could snatch these up at the market this weekend.
I sadly lost this ring. Moment of silence.
An outtake from this post.

A $1 makeup bag. Win.

A spots & baubles combination.

Memories of Venice, Italy. I'm finally around to editing my trip photos!

Someday (when the streets are clear) all of these babies will see the light of day again.


Lauren said...

love all these photo Kristen! Everyone always has good and bad days and I'm glad on your bad days you can reach out to your followers for happiness. you're fabulous and don't forget it!! xo

brynn said...

Sorry to hear 2013 hasn't been treating you well so far Kristin! I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend though and that things begin to turn around for you. You deserve it!

Style Isle said...

Fabulous shoes!! I hope you have a great relaxing non stressful weekend. xo


Aubrey said...

Sounds like you are making taking car of yourself a priority so good for you! I love that photo of you from Venice :)
Have a lovely weekend

Unknown said...

All up hill from here Dah-ling! <3 and sometimes no plans// alone time is the best thing when one finds oneself less than whole.... as you say, nothing a bit of pinterest can't fix... to add one more thing to your list>> nothing perks up the spirit like a good sweat sesh.. get thee to the gym!

sis said...

I got a glimpse of your list [instagram maybe?] and I think it is the perfect remedy for an irritating slump, especially the hot yoga!

I hope things start turning around and know, if you ever need an escape know that we have an extra room and Montreal is quite lovely!

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