Monday, June 17, 2013

Bits.. of EBCB (2)

Last weekend I had the pleasure of heading down to Saint John for the day in order to attend the second East Coast Fashion Bloggers meet & greet. This was held in Halifax last year (see a recap post here!), and after its outright fun & success, it was decided that it would be put on again, but this time in New Brunwswick. Organized by the lovely Barb, Melissa, and Jasmine, let me just say that this day (it was over a weekend, but I could only attend the Saturday) was blogger. perfection.

We started things out with a mini conference, where Sean McGrath spoke of photo taking, Gillian Goldie spoke of blog branding, and I spoke of, well... blogging in general (with topics dear to my heart: internet emulation & perceived perfection via blogs, being yourself, and being a bad blogger - that of which I sometimes am). After this, we headed out for a whirlwind afternoon, visiting all kinds of sponsoring shops for treats & specials. It was really all so lovely. The swag bags, the treats in each store, the warm welcomes - each participating sponsor (see bottom of post for a listing!) absolutely outdid themselves. After the afternoon & a change of shoes for most, we took a seat in Thandi and filled our faces (Saag Paneer pour moi) and then said our goodbyes (after outfit photos were accomplished). 

Thank you so. beyond. tons to the organizers, as well as all sponsors & affiliates. You're the bees knees.

Lemon & pistachio macarons from East Coast Bistro... A blogger gathering must at this point.

Gift bags from Envy (which included a few things you'll come to see on the blog).

A champagne toast by Brunswick Square.


More treats...

Some sparkly shoesies at Exchange on Germain.

Details, details.

Chocolate greetings.

The best eats at Thandi.

Street flowers.

Delicious naan bread & hummus.

Julia's baby blue nails.

Food documentation. Imperative.

What would a blogger day be without outfit photos? Annick shooting Kate.

THANK YOU to the Sponsors & Affiliates: Harbourfront Residence at Three Sisters, TUCK Studios, Thandi + The Santara,  Piece O' Cake Custom Designs, East Coast Bistro, Starbucks Coffee, Dione Cosmetics, Colwell's Ladies, Je Suis Prest Boutique, the Urban Shoe Myth, Silver Daisy, Perfumes Plus, Manchester Shoe Salon, Inspire Collections, Made You Blush, ESquared Jewels, REGINALD Magazine.


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