Thursday, December 16, 2010


A grey day that called for a fuzzy hat to cover up my equally fuzzy hair. This was November, and represented the day that I learned an important lesson: It is equally worth it and not worth it to wander onto unstable, wet, old decks to reap a photo op. I was a bit nervous as I climbed up the decrepit steps of this little nook, especially wearing heels, but I can report that I didn't fall through (though I came close). It matched my outfit perfectly, and I was in love with the shades of blue on the door and the reflective trees in the windows. I'm a huge sucker for good composition. 

I have always been attracted to a monochrome look. Beyond absolutely loving shades of ivory, black, and grey, it has always felt safe to dress in this palatte. I have had this belt for a few years now, and it goes with just about anything. I got it in the UK after being influenced by one Carrie Bradshaw (typical, no?) in the Summer, and started putting it over any colored dress I owned. I've really given it a rest over the past few months after people started referring to it as "the belt you wear with everything". Never good. Also featured are the J. Crew earrings that I found myself hankering over after first setting eyes on their Fall lookbook. I love a mix of gold/silver, and anything made of rhinestone gets my stamp of love.

(Tunic: Urban Planet, Tights: Hue, Sweater: RW & Co., Belt: AWear, Hat: Thrifted, Earring: J. Crew, Booties: Payless) 


barb c said...

Your pictures are so perfect.

Come to my closet and pick out outfits for me to wear. Thanks!

p.s. I like your blog

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