Thursday, December 16, 2010


This skirt was so very cheap, and up close, it can sometimes be reflective of that fact. I was inspired over a year ago by a full circled Prada skirt and haven't been able to find a suitably comparative item just yet. I love full-circled anything and ask you to please forward any links to full circled beauties to my attention. The shoes are Nine West, and though I usually adore their shoes for their unbeatable comfort level, these are so uncomfortable. A minor tragedy.

The name of this post references a type of tea that I discovered one bitter cold weekend away on a remote island. I got there by boat (only two barfs later - I love the ocean, but it doesn't always love me), and proceeded to comb beaches and explore cliffs. To me, there is something far more special about visiting the ocean in the Winter. It's so ignored, lending a quietness so that I love it even more. Until my face freezes. And no, I definitely did not wear those shoes.

 (Skirt: Primark, Tights: Hue, Sweater: RW & Co., Shoes: Nine West)


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