Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mixed Business

I was so glad that this color scheme was so big this past autumn, and that I was able to re-create some "big brand" looks for mere dollars. I just love chambray mixed with military green, and since this top had some silver embellishments, I added an embellishment of my own via a layered silver rhinestone necklace. I got this belt at a thrift store, and was sold over it's tiny silver chain. Small details that I love will always do me in. I just can't pass them up!

To think that I actually felt quite masculine in this ensemble is beyond amusing to some. This is one of my most "boyish" looks, as there are no petticoats or hair bows to be found. It can be a tiresome game to dress like a cupcake every chance you get (a past-time I love, nonetheless), and sometimes a simple pant and blouse combination is a very welcomed change on overcast mornings. 

 (Jacket: Urban Planet, Pants: RW & Co., Chambray Blouse: Urban Planet, Necklace: Forever 21, Belt: Thrifted)


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