Friday, December 17, 2010

Rewind - Two Planets

Oh boy. So, for my first rewind post, we're going back - way back - as in, almost 2 years back. My hair's a little darker, my face a little younger, and my surroundings a little greener. These were taken in Ireland, during my stint as a Nanny. It's funny to reflect on the fact that I took these pictures in May of 2009 with hopes of starting a style blog. I guess I'm a bit of a procrastinator? Nevertheless, here I am in a simple Spring outfit in the beautiful surrounding that is Kilcullen, Kildare County.

I was in love with these shoes the moment I set eyes on them. At the time, working as a nanny, I couldn't afford anything. I remember stealing a euro from a 6 year olds piggy bank in order to buy myself a coffee (sincerest apologies, Mia - I never steal, unless caffeine deprived), and trading babysitting services for a ride into Dublin to wander around.  I have never been as broke in my life as when I lived overseas. But I didn't care - I had a roof over my head, root vegetables in my stomach, and three little girls with giant hearts. I bought these for myself as a massive treat right before leaving for home, and they became a summer staple thereafter.

 (Jacket: Zara, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Nine West)

Can you believe that these pictures were taken by a 6 year old? I remember how thrilled she was to be asked to play fashion shoot with me, but how entirely annoyed she became of the process after a few minutes. I have such fond memories of my time spent at the Strain's. If you've visited my about me page, you'll read that it 'changed my life'. Maybe a bit gushy, but couldn't be more true. We spent so many hours in the fields in that Spring, finding rocks, collecting sticks, making crowns out of daisies.  True, true love.


Kate said...

Aw, I had only ever seen that first photo before, I didn't realize there was a whole set! I love the backdrop of the 2nd photo!

candice said...

I had also only seen the first photo - love the second one! Those shoes are fantastic, still. Xo.

Lo said...

I love those wedges!

Jan said...

Aw, these shots are brilliant (for a 16, 26, 36 year old, nevermind 6 year old). I really need to get off my behind more and get some shots out in the lovely Irish countryside. Bad Jan! We don't have the same rolling green hills up here in the Pale though! :)

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