Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hard Believer

Hello blog world. I've been m.i.a. for a few days now, and I've only been blogging for a week! Tsk Tsk, Kristin. I have a good excuse though, since I was preparing for my departure home for the holidays. Between organizing myself to take some time off work (a feat, to say the least), shopping, cleaning, packing, and partying, time was beyond sparse. I'm home now, though, and ready to document you all a few outfits over my little vacay. My biggest goal, however, is to peruse the blog world and start adding some friends. I have been reading so many blogs for so long, and it's time they know I exist!

Here is a wardrobe remix of sorts, since I’ve featured most of these items before - besides the grey sweater. The past few days have been damp and dreary, so I needed some extra layers to get me through. Since I needed just a little bit of pouf, I threw some chiffon into the mix. It can never hurt. These boots have become staple-ish, as I haven't really found a perfect pair of Winter boots for this season. I might just fore go buying a pair this year, and make do with what I have. These are really fall-ish, but it hasn't even been snowy out this year, so I'm not feeling the rush.

I'm really thrilled that I have a plethora of outfits to choose from when making these posts, and I applaud the bloggers that never miss a beat. I mean, sure - I've been outside when I shouldn't be, grabbing some outfit shots, but I've really done it at my leisure to this point. I guess I will experience the urgency to get out and do it once I run out, but I'm hoping that this happens in the Spring, when we get some more sunshine and longer days.

  (Jacket: Urban Planet, Pants: Dahlia., Blouse: Lush, Sweater: Joe Fresh, Boots: Zara, Belt: Thrifted)


Kate said...

Hoorah, you are back! I like this one, the pretty pink chiffon layers are just lovely peeking out beneath the sweater!

gee said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. <3
love the pink layers.. (i am sucker for anything baby pink)
have a very merry christmas.

Sands said...

I love your layering, girl! This outfit is beautiful. And your hair color is gorgeous! Happy holidays! :)


lul said...

Jeez Louise! For someone who's been blogging for a week you're sure good.
Your seventh follower.

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