Thursday, December 23, 2010

Prisoner of History

Oh hi. It's me again, here with my next post of the week, which is my last post before tomorrow's Rewind post. I have a fun summer outfit lined up for tomorrow, so make sure to check back in order to fill yourself with nostalgic memories of bare legs and sun kissed skin. It seems that we are somewhere between Summer and Winter here in Eastern Canada, as all it has done this Christmas is raiiiiin. I'm not really in the Christmas spirit to say the least, though, after the hoards of wrapping I have to do tonight, I may be. 

Here is an array of thrifted items. I picked up this strange little blazer, blouse, and set of earrings one summer day, threw them in the corner of my dressing room (as per usual), and found them again months later while rifling through bags. I decided that they matched perfectly, though maybe a bit too perfectly for my taste. As I usually do, I have only worn these items once. I'm so strange about clothes. I have some pieces that become like an appendage to me, where there are others that are just one time passer byers. I am so into consignment for this reason - so that I can re-use & recycle! 

If you read my twitter, you know that I'm home for the holidays. This vacation has consisted of the following: eat. sleep. read. I really needed a vacation, and I feel as though the small break will help quiet my mind. I work a lot. Okay, wait, let's italicize that - I work a lot. It was so very welcomed for me to slow down, get away, and take a few days to  just sit in this big beautiful room outfitted with a real, 12 foot, Christmas tree and white mantled fireplace, where I have surrounded myself with books and fashion mags. Though during vacation I can't keep track of the days, I have just checked the calender in order to wish you a truly lovely Thursday. 

 (Pants: Joe Fresh, Flats: Thrifted, Blazer: Thrifted, Blouse: Thrifted, Earrings: Thrifted)


. said...

Hey Kristin! So great to meet you and your blog!

I REALLY REALLY want that thrifted blouse. It's the holiday season so I'm trying not to have evil jealous thoughts right now but it's just incredible :D You look great!

candice said...

do not re-thrift that blouse yet crazy face! it's adorable! XO

Bethany Jensen said...

Really cute look!

Meekay said...

Cute jacket!

Fashion Fabrice said...

LOVEEEEE your outfit! Those little leopard details just made it fabulous! you look amazing and i love the way you pose! Very stylish! you have a great blog!Im happy i ran into you ! Its really a great read, you posts and style are amazing:)
And you are very pretty:)
Im gonna follow you! hope you visit me and follow me back,
that would be amazing!


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