Friday, December 24, 2010

Rewind - Where Summer Goes

Hello. It feels strange to post my second (summery!) Rewind post on Christmas eve, though we still have no snow whatsoever. I'm not much for Winter. In fact, I've gone as far as to say that I "hate" it (harsh, no?). Beyond my hatred for all things Winter related, I do enjoy snow on Christmas eve and Christmas day. That's it, that's all! This post isn't going too, too far back, as I started taking "experimental" blog photos in May, and this was August. These are quite un-traditional, as far as fashion blogging goes, but they do feature three things that I love: vintage dresses, corn fields, and summer. 

I quite literally got my hands (and feet) dirty for this quick little jaunt to the country. Finding corn stalks isn’t too hard in Eastern Canada, and luckily enough, the farmers who catch you trespassing are kind enough to let you continue on your merry way as you self-portrait. He had zero judgment, and simply told me that I looked "lovely" with "whatever I was doing". Why thank you, Mr. Cornfield. This United Colors of Benetton dress is from the late nineties, and I really only wear it about once a year. I found it second hand, and the zipper just goes up. Gotta love vintage sizing. 

I simply adore summer. The smell of summer leaves, sun kissed skin, breezes by a lake, wine on porches, and running through fields. The pursuit of waterfalls, new and old, late night drives when the heat is unbearable, blaring music and stopping only to lay in open fields and look at the stars, picnics which include many, many grapes, boursin cheese, homemade hummus, and crackers. Photographing anything and everything, short dresses with over sized necklaces and ferocious heels on nights filled with stumbles, ridiculous dancing, and shared brown bag poutine. Overflowing jars of wildflowers, quiet breakfasts at the market while people hustle around, getting their goods. Drives to P.E.I, the Bay of Fundy, the Magdelan Islands, and living off of salads, raspberries, and avocados. I can't imagine a time of year that I'm happier. Autumn is my favorite season overall, for nostalgic reasons, and because of its beauty, but Summer is a very, very close second. 

 (Dress: Vintage United Colors of Benetton)


Barb said...

I love it!

candice said...

run to me!

Anonymous said...

you are dead to me.
what is your cell number so i can send you inappropriate texts?
gee whiz!

Anonymous said...

also you are pretty.

Unknown said...

I love how this print works for both fall/winter with the darker background as well as spring/summer- I also LOVE the cut!

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