Friday, December 31, 2010

Rewind - Secret Heart

Hello Friday, hello friends. Here is a rewind post to start the day. Here I am in September, when the leaves started to change and the air started to chill. I'm at one of my favorite photo spots, which is behind an abandoned old building across the street from my home. Beyond it just a bit is the old train bridge which spans across the river running straight through our city. It is a place that is quiet, private, and peaceful. 

This romper fits me to a T. I never though that I would find a romper that properly accommodated my body, since I have absolutely no torso, but here it is. I found this little darlin' majorly on sale on a giant rack of rompers at Urban Outfitters this summer, and scooted back for it after I put it on hold to "think it over". I'm glad that I did, since it has served me a few lovely wears. I did get in a small fender bender while wearing this, though, and it's still stained slightly from the iced cappuccino that flew all over my lap and head upon collision. Woops. 

(Romper: Urban Outfitters, Tights: Hue, Scarf: Joe Fresh, Flats: Aldo)


lul said...

Glad you went back for this gorgeous romper! Fits you like a glove. And the location you picked to take the pictures looks fabulous!
ps: Happy New Year!

JMay said...

Very artsy photos, love em! What kind of camera do you use!?

Miss Parlee said...

where did you get the scarf? love it!

Jan said...

You're one of the few people I've seen who can pull off the romper look - very cute. I haven't sported one since 1983 and that was blue terrycloth which I don't think is very fashionable anymore (it was all the rage in Oromocto back then!). Loving your blog. Super adorable posts and I would kill for my hair to fall in wavy locks like yours :)

james said...

i love your romper!!

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