Friday, March 18, 2011


Hi guys. For Friday, I was trying to decide between a Rewind post and a Photo Diary, and came up with something.. in between. I guess I wasn't really fancying any of my rewind outfits too much, and I wasn't feeling quite tender enough to pick out my favorite moments of the week, which lead me to this. Here, pals, is a flourishingly failed attempt at a trend from a few months ago. I call this: the day I tried a DIY turban. Happy weekend!

"Gee, well, I just wrapped a scarf around my head haphazardly, I guess this might pass as a chic turban. Let's me ponder that for a moment."

 "I'm unsure if I'm rocking it or not... Thank god I'm just hanging out across the street in front of an abandoned tire store by myself. I'll just make this pouty face and focus on my belt. At least that's cute."

"Uh oh. I'm pretty sure it's already starting to fall off. I can't go through the trouble of trying to wrap this thing around my head again. PLUS I won't even have a blog for another 6 months! Whatever, I'm going home."


Erika said...

Such a gorgeous belt! Hah and I love the scarf as well, it does look lovely on you!

The Semi Sweet said...

Hehehe.. I can't figure out those turban things either. My head must be an odd shape or something. At least your belted dress is very chic:)

Unknown said...

i love your belt!! and the scarf looks so lovely on you, i can never tie those turban things they always slid right off when i am done!

gee said...

haha..i have not figured out the turban thing either..ahhh. i am horrible at trends sometimes.
it looks so easy on other people and then i do it..complete FAIL!
you look beautiful of course though. i love the looking of the belt look..i do it often! :P
have a wonderful weekend love.

Amber said...

well i really like your belt, better luck next time with the turban :)

Kristy said...

My goodness Kristin how are you so friggin' cute all the time?! If I tried this I'd look retarded, but somehow you look great! Good luck next time anyways, soon you'll be a pro. x

Anonymous said...

your photo commentary made me giggle and put a smile on my face :) thanks for that!!

Unknown said...

Really love the head scalf, But totally know what you mean!
You walk around the house, out the door, its fine. But the second your in public it begins to slip....
But very worth it, looks fabulous! Love your outfits anyway! Bet your a great shopping partner!

Girl about Town XxX

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