Friday, April 29, 2011

Cruise Wear

Hi friends. I hope that everyone is well and that you are as excited for this Friday as I am. I'm actually vito-ing my "Love Chronicles" post that is standard for Fridays for something a little different, as I found myself going to post the usual, but wanting to share this with you instead. As some of you know, I'm going to be embarking on a cruise this weekend, touching down in ports of the Eastern Caribbean. Because this is a "style blog" per se, I thought I would share a few snippits of the items that are making their way into my suitcase. I'm kind of excited to dress for "Summer" next week, and didn't feel one tinge of guilt as I grabbed a few staples that can take me into the warmer months as they come along over on our side of the world. 

Day Wear

Beach Wear

Evening Wear

Thank you for our visit and for peeking into my suitcase. Please visit lots next week while I'm away from the internet, as I have the most amazing guest bloggers all lined up. Seriously people - these stylish ladies will have you all swooning. See you in a week & take care. Muah!


This Charming Style said...

Looks like your taking some lovely items.. The shoes at the bottom are sooo gorgeous! Have a wonderful time on the cruise! :D xx

Kate said...

SO fun!! I love this post! Have sooo much fun on your cruise, m'darling! Relax, unwind, and drink mojitos in the sunshine! xoxo!

bettec said...

This is fitting. I am just gearing up to head out, credit card in hand, to try to find some evening wear for this weekend - it is an area of my closet that is seriously lacking. Some killer heels and sequins are definitely a good way to get the evening-wear-ideas in motion. Have an amazing time Kristin! - Jenn

Anonymous said...

those are hot!
you will be slammin' fine!

DINNER this eve?

gee said...

i am so jealous.
have an amazing time on your cruise.

Rebecca Jane said...

Hope you have a fabulous time!

Yeraldin Morillo said...

I love your outfits , very elegant !
love your blog !
kiss darlin!
my blog- follow me :

Emily said...

I hope you had an amazing time! I love those heels; The buckles are awesome.


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