Monday, April 4, 2011

Staying True

While spending the weekend with some girl pals and doing girl things (read: eating delicious food & drinking sugary cocktails), we ultimately got to talking about this ol' style blogging thing. The conversation rolled around to the topic of "trends", and I realized that, while I adore seeing all of the internet's (yes, that's a collective) take on current trends, it also tunes me into what my own "style" is. I won't wear a trend... just because, and I will never fill my closet with expensive items that don't suit my body or diction. I'm not sure where that leaves me in terms of being "fashionable", but I'd rather try out a trend in my own vein than replicate it exactly.

In honor of said conversation, I put together a very standard outfit for my world. I wear a lot of monochromatic palettes, so I'm excited to get into some more color this Spring, and experiment with color blocking. I am on the hunt for some colorful clutches and shoes - just some pops here and there to compliment the basics. I'm also obsessively building on my jewelry collection, snatching up every overzealous & rhinestone filled necklace I can find. I'm kind of a creature of habit when it comes to my closet, and if I find something signature, I go a little too mad with the "collection" - remind me that moderation is key!

I hope everyone has a great start to a lovely week! Thank you for coming by.

(Dress: Lush, Sweater: RW & Co., Tights: Hue, Necklaces: AE & F21, Shoes: Dollhouse)


Lynzy said...

I adore the necklace layering and the color palette here. Perfected monotones :)
xo Lynz

Anonymous said...

girl do you?

bettec said...

I love this. I also love how you match your background too. xo betts

Kate said...

Excellent layering with the necklaces! & so nice spending time this weekend! xo.

Meritxell said...

OH you look like a doll!!! i love it!!


Unknown said...

i really love that sweater. you also wear lipstick better than pretty!

Amber said...

love the accessories you added to this look.

gee said...

oh i love the second to last picture. you look so beautiful.
i really need to invest in some good lipstick. :)
i agree on your "trend" convo. i always just wear what i want to wear.
& if it is on trend at the moment then wonderful..haha.
i hope you have a wonderful week love.

Emma Dilemma said...

The back of these skirt is to die for!! Love it... as always you look FAB!

mj said...

I love grey and black. Keep it real.

Rebecca Jane said...

I really like the simple, chic style of this look. I have to say, as far as trends go, I am much more about picking and choosing things that work for me rther than filling my closet with trendy items just for the sake of being on trend. You can absolutely be stylish without being trendy, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

ummm - talk about stunning! you look so lovely here and i really like the layering of the necklaces! I seriously envy your ability to pull off a bold red lip. I'm still cowering in the pink zone.

xo danni

Nnenna said...

I love the sweater layered over the dress- the chunkiness is perfect and it looks great with the necklaces you are wearing! :)

star-crossed smile

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