Friday, April 1, 2011

Love Chronicles

Happy Friday! To new followers, welcome to Friday's feature: Love Chronicles (a small photo diary of sorts in which I show you all of the randoms that are sitting in my IPhoto). I can't believe how much blog love I felt this week - I was definitely overwhelmed with an inspired and flattered disposition, and each and every comment I read made me smile from my belly. So, thank you for that. Enjoy your weekend, everyone, and enjoy these little tidbits below. 

Downtown where I live.

A rad pin on an even radder pal.

Face cookies.

Some of my shoes, behaving themselves. 

Coral lipstick -  A Spring staple!

A past-time.

Sequins & nail polish on Kate.

Someone likes cheese on their apple pie. Weird, no?

Small out-take. "Wind, yer crampin' my style!"


Julie said...

As my dad always says 'apple pie without the cheese is like a kiss without the squeeze'

Great photos


Kate said...

My heart! I love the last photo so much! Hahaha! Yer cute.

Emma Dilemma said...

Face cookies are one of the things I miss about Fredericton!! When I go for work I'm always hopeful I have time to stop to pick up two... 1 for me, 1 for my boi!
Another great Friday post.

Anna Jane said...

you live in such a cute area! and i love these pictures...never tried apple pie and cheese, but now i want to!
happy weekend, lady :)

candice said...

I love apple pie, but with cheese - not so sure! Love you!

gee said...

love your outtake! hahaha. i have so many i need to post but i never do! :)
i have never tried apple pie with cheese..but i why not!
have a wonderful weekend and HAPPY APRIL!

Rebecca Jane said...

Cheese on apple pie!! I love that. Weird yes.. but so so good. Has to be cheddar though.

Amber Blue Bird said...

your outtake photo is hilarious. I feel the same way about the wind :)

Chloe Rushworth said...

Love that coral lipstick it really suits your skin tone.

C x

Fifth Sparrow said...

Mmmm Cheese on apple pie is so good! Loving the coral lipstick on you too, perfectly cheery for spring (especially on the cold pre-spring days!) xx

Kristy said...

Wind is allllwaaayyysss cramping my style too girl! And apple pie with cheese? so good. x

Laura said...

lovely pictures girl! the lipstick looks really amazing on you!


L said...

My mom eats cheese on her apple pie too! For her sake, I'm glad she's not the only one :)

The outtake is fun, plus the outfit you're wearing in it is great!

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