Friday, May 20, 2011

Love Chronicles

 In one of my last posts I promised you guys some snippets from my trip down south, so I'm going to share a few of those today in my usual Friday photo feature. Perhaps we'll see another post or two outlining my adventures on the ocean, or perhaps I will abandon that idea like I did hemp necklaces in 2003 - we'll see. We've got a long weekend over here in Canada land, so I plan on getting lots of outfit shots in. I am also planning on revamping my Spring/Summer wardrobe and actually packing away the Winter stuff. I've never really done that before, but this time around I just want the Winter stuff out of sight. Happy weekend, all!

A sparkling mojito (champagne + gin? Yeah, okay!).

Some flags at the market in downtown St. Thomas.

Simpler times.

Eating my greens.

Set the sails.

Real coconut cookies (oh man).

Dressed up for dinner.

The ocean. It truly cures all. 


Miranda said...

Looks amazing, and you look fabulous as always.


The Purse-a-holic said...

Beautiful pics, you look so pretty :-)

A Girl's Next Best Friend

Rachel said...

Great pics, you look lovely in them!

Kara said...

Loveeee the pictures!! Mission accomplished: I'm officially jealous! ;) Looks like an amazing time, lady!


Amber said...

your dress for dinner is fantastic and you look just lovely in it

Anonymous said...

YUMM. those coconut cookies look amazing! actually everything does - love! happy long weekend! xoxo

This Charming Style said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time, I adore the pictures! And you look wonderful as always :)

candice said...

Adore these! I love the flag photo & seeing you all dressed up! Xo

Kate said...

Your dinner outfit is so darling! And now I want a mojito. Mmm.

gee said...

i have never been on a cruise and these pictures are really making me want to go on one.. :)
those cookies look amazing. i loooooove coconut.

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