Friday, October 26, 2012


Halloween weekend... already? I think that I'm dressing up as Frida Kahlo (love her) for festivities, so there may be photographic evidence on the blog next week if all goes off with a hitch (i.e. I get to make & wear a floral headpiece for a reason). This weekend is also dedicated to finishing my bedroom re-vamp, a project that I started last Sunday with a vast amount of vigour (though as the week has edged on & become busier, its fallen to the wayside). I am re-arranging, re-decorating, and re-vamping my closet in hopes of being both more organized & inspired. We'll see...

What are you being for Halloween? Whatever it is, have fun & be safe out there!

x, Kristin

A puppy sighting. 

Homemade caprese pizza.

Market flowers.

Earrings that others seem to hate but I just love.

Closet analyzing. 

More flowers - this time in enormous sunflower form.

A tender bestie moment. (what a gross word)

The puppy again after it fell asleep. You're welcome.


Rebecca Jane said...

Frida Kahlo = genius halloween idea. I look forward to seeing a photo of that whole ensemble if you get a chance.

Also that puppy elicited an audible "awwww" response from this girl. Sweet!

brynn said...

Love your costume idea! I really hope we get to see pictures. PS: Thanks for the puppy pics! PPS: Did you see the mini artists Oh Happy Day posted a few weeks back?

JennaStevie said...

That puppy is SO adorable!! And those flowers are gorgeous
Your costume sounds like it will be awesome, I'm not dressing up this year which is sad but last year I was a Rag Doll and the year before a Peacock!

Unknown said...

Ummm when your brother gets mad about me bringing home a new puppy and/ or talking incessantly about getting one, I am blaming you :)

Veronika Novotny said...

That pizza. Mmmmm! And such lovely flowers + photos! Happy weekend, girly! xo

RoselyC said...

I love sunflowers! Pizza looks great.

Anonymous said...

Love the Frida costume idea :) your pictures are great, what kind of camer do you use? Thanks

Unknown said...

love the costume idea and that pup is sooo freaking cute!

love from San Francisco,

Mens Double Breasted Fur Coat said...

Thanks for the puppy pics!everyting is lovely..

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh that puppy!! Seriously... I was feeling a bit down, but coming on your blog always cheers me up because you have the nicest pictures. I love how you manage to capture the essence and beauty of simplicity on camera.

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