Friday, October 19, 2012

Homestead Style: Dining Room

If you follow me on the regular, you'd remember that I started a "home" series a few weeks ago with this post & promised that it would be a sporadical feature on the blog. Well, it was a relatively big hit, so I'm back with another little tour. I could have almost made a "build your own bar" post out of this as well, but since my "bar" still isn't outfitted exactly like I want it to be, I thought, I'll hold off & do that a little bit later. So!

Up next: The Dining Room

A small little dining room with a beautiful dining set given to me by my parents.

We have a bit of a bird theme going on.

A little decor mix in some rich hues.

Our humble little "bar" & a few of its details.

P.S. Stop by on Monday for a big giveaway. Do the initials S.B. mean anything to you? ;) You don't want to miss it!


Veronika Novotny said...

Gorgeous! I'm loving these tours - can't wait to see the rest, and wow, that table from your parents is stunning!! xo

RoselyC said...

Beautiful decor. The vase on the third pic is beautiful.

sis said...

I LOVE your dining room set! Seriously, so in love. I'm desperately wanting to update mine and a dark wood / cream mix is top of my list ...unfortunately I will just have to wait for funds.

Also, I love that you have a bar. Jack has decided that we NEED a bar cart in our dining room I can't wait to show him how you set yours up!

Okay, gush - complete

Unknown said...

love your birdy wall. and also becoming more and more into bar carts // areas ... loving your ... chess board (??is that a chess board??) as a base..

Rebecca Jane said...

I always love home posts, since I love decor and seeing how other people decorate their spaces. I love the bird prints!

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