Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Mix / A Plea

Dress: Zara / Blouse: Thrifted / Shoes: c/o Vince Camuto / Watch: Guesss / Tights: Hue

Guys, things have been getting kind of crazy in my bedroom lately. Crazy in the way that I have been, quite literally, pairing clothing items that have close proximity to one another on my floor. I really need to get my act together re: closet organization and beg you for any tips & tricks you may have. I have a nice sized double closet AND two portable clothes racks, as well as a dresser and a good sized room. 

So why is this always such a failure?!

I'm pretty diligently organized in all other aspects of my life, but clothes organization has always been my overwhelming blunder of a downfall, to say the least. While I try to overcome this nemesis, enjoy my slightly clown-esque print mix via a classic polka dot dress that I layered over a blouse in my (currently) favorite hue. 

x, Kristin


melstone said...

Do you need me to come organize you again?

Krystin Lee said...

Of course the blouse is vintage and un-findable : Love it!
xo Krystin

Amber said...

I just recently organized my closet by color and its really helped.

Jelena Zivanovic said...

Beautiful dotted dress!!!

Rebecca Jane said...

Oh man, I am the same way. I"m afraid my (lack of) organization skills won't be much good to you.

In other news, I do like this mix of prints!

heather said...

I adore this combination! So very stunning1

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