Monday, October 15, 2012

Sparkle Meets Staple

Necklace: Vintage / Pants: Flying Monkey / Blazer: BCBG  / Top: Sappyfest / Shoes: Old Navy Stole: Vintage

Sometimes it's a rainy Sunday and you drag your sleepy butt out of the house for the day, consume a coffee the size of your head, go to visit a baby & take its picture, and then score at the antique show like you've never scored before (chronicled on both my twitter & instagram - dollparade). And sometimes, afterwards, you are playing around in your room & end up with a bit of a random mix on your body. Sometimes you have been wearing this shirt for a few days straight (psssst..), but care not since it's really comfy and the weekend. And sometimes... you put the result on your blog. I call this one: casual tee on a polyamorous date with some 1930's neck bling, a neutral tweed blazer & 1 random vintage stole. Sparkle meets staple, if you will. All for good measure.

x, Kristin


Rebecca Jane said...

Sometimes a random mix is a good one, and I think this is one such example! I love the t-shirt mixed with that sparkly necklace = perfect.

Unknown said...

killin it lately girl! :D

Angela Marie said...

So simple, gorgeous, and classic! I love your necklace! I definitely know how you feel on lazy sundays, i drink wayy to much coffee haha! You look beautiful :)

Angela @ The Lovely Cup

brynn said...

Love this outfit! Perfect for a casual weekend look. And of course, the necklace is amazing!

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