Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Camel Coat

Coat: Vera Moda / Stole: Vintage / Boots: Joe Fresh / Earrings & Headband: J. Crew / Glasses: Elizabeth & James "Lamar"

As the weather starts to turn frigid here in my neck of the woods, I find myself defaulting to things like turtlenecks, knit socks, bottles of red wine, and blanket-y warm coats in order to keep warm. The thing about Winter where I live is that your coat ends up being your "outfit" for 5-6 months, since that's all that anyone ever sees you in. Oh hi person I am running into on the street, what am I wearing? My coat... yet again. 

I always choose something incredibly warm, since being frozen is pretty much the least fashionable thing possible. Second, I believe you have got to absolutely adore your coat choice(s) (some of us have multiple...) in order for it to sustain the season. Then, adding small embellishments to my coat(s) seems to keep them interesting as the season rolls on. Just here I added a vintage stole that always makes me feel a little more dressed up, and I may ever add a big ol' rhinestone pin to the equation as time dwindles on. For me, it's all about the embellishment.

Cold climate residing citizens such as myself: What are you wearing this Winter?


Krystin Lee said...

Kristin - these shots are gorgeous! Love the jacket but so not ready to make this my outfit for the next few months :(
xo Krystin

Kate said...

Beautiful photos, lady! And you are so right about winter coats becoming your daily outfit - always a challenge not to feel dull & drab by the end of the winter! This coat is a beauty though & flares so nicely! Love it with the added fur, too! xo!

RoselyC said...

Hopefully next year Ill be braving the cold too. Until then I'm taking note. Love your coat its beautiful and classy. The fur stole adds a great touch.

Natalie said...

The coat is gorgeous, the fur stole makes it unforgettable! So, so beautiful. I wish I lived in a climate that's cold enough to warrant fur!

Rebecca Jane said...

That's a pretty fantastic coat on its own, but the fur stole makes it extra special. Love this look!

Joel Salmon said...

That is a very lady-like trench coat! If winter season lasts five to six months in where you live, you definitely have to buy a coat that has a great material, one that will not easily wear-off. But do not forget to have them washed using the appropriate type of detergent. You wouldn’t want the color of your coat to fade quickly now, would you?

Joel Salmon

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