Monday, November 19, 2012

Oh, Joe.

Sweater: Joe Fresh / Pants: Flying Monkey / Booties: Michael Kors / Headband: J. Crew / Bag: Michael Kors "Hamilton" Coat: Vera Moda

Mr. Joe Fresh... You seem to have a way with me. You have a way of luring me in, grabbing my attention away from the coffee isle, and making me succumb to your cute prints & dandy prices. Whenever I want kale, avocados, & frozen pizza, you're always right there. You're there taunting me to buy "just one more sweater" or "just one $6 beanie" or "just one more nail polish even though I bite my nails", etc.

This sweater is a little on the bulkier side for fit, but it's so. darn. warm that I will excuse the figure non-flatter. I was also a sucker for the geometric print that reminds me a little of an MSGM, piece, and was happy to pair it with some other wardrobe staples. Like I said on twitter, if you need me, I'll be wearing skinnies, oversized sweaters, and ankle booties until the thaw.

Happy Monday!


Lauren said...

i love that sweater, all the more reason for me to check out joe fresh, ive never been there!


JennaStevie said...

This sweater is such a great print and the colours in it are awesome. I love skinny jeans and big comfy sweaters for chilly days too.

Marie-Eve said...

Love that sweater ! You look amazing ! And hello from Canada !
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Rebecca Jane said...

I have this beauty in black and white and you're right - it is SO WARM. It'll definitely be a winter staple for me. I like the colour of yours - it looks great on you!

Anonymous said...

I've been eyeing this sweater and i'm so glad you've styled it! It looks gorgeous with the black jeans and the coat!

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